Northampton Lie Detector Test proves who stole Easter Holiday Savings

Apr 19, 2019

Stealing from your family is one of the worst things you could ever do. Stealing from a child can be heart-breaking. Gordon never imagined he’d need to contact us for a Northampton lie detector test when money went missing from his little girl’s piggy bank. The money had been saved for a special Easter holiday with her grandmother.

Gordon’s case

Amelia’s piggy bank was not like normal piggy banks, she had a paint can. Her father had made an old paint can into a savings place for her when she was 5. She never put anything other than pound coins in it as she was saving to see her grandmother who lived in Spain when she was 10. She’d been saving for 5 years and it was almost full. Amelia was very excited as she’d never been abroad before and her father had told her if she saved the plane fare then he would take care of the rest. Amelia was certain she had enough to be able to pay for her flight and more to spend.

An Easter holiday in the sun

The day came when they were to break open the paint can and book the flights. Gordon, her father had glued it shut some years ago to stop her digging into it. The lid came off easier than expected. As it had been sealed 5 years prior Gordon couldn’t understand why it wasn’t a nightmare to open. Peering inside he noticed rocks in the bottom and a maximum of approximately £30. Gordon knew there should be at least £200 in there and didn’t want to think about where it had gone.

He didn’t mention this to Amelia. Instead, he went to the bank and replaced the rocks with the coins that should have been in there. He knew Amelia was too young to get the lid off the can but his son Jack wasn’t. At 17 Jack was always out with his friends and the little he got for spending money couldn’t fund all his nights out.

Northampton Lie Detector Test

Gordon booked us for a Northampton lie detector test at the same time as booking his daughter’s flights. He had asked Jack if he’d been at his little sister’s savings and he’d denied it. Something about the way he’d acted when asked made Gordon know he was lying and he needed to face up to his lie.

The Northampton lie detector test was just the right thing to shock him into starting to behave himself. The money for the flights or the polygraph test wasn’t an issue but he had been trying to teach Amelia the value of money, something Jack clearly didn’t understand.

Jack sat the polygraph examination and of course, the results showed he had taken the money. Jack’s punishment for his crime was that he couldn’t go on holiday to see his grandmother in Spain. He was to stay home with his aunt.

Amelia now has a bank account with a book so whatever she saves will always be there for whatever she wants it for.

 Theft within the family

Has your child stolen something and you need to prove it? We conduct polygraph tests in nationwide for teenagers from 16 years upwards. If you’d like more information or to order a Northampton lie detector test for any reason, please call our free helpline on 0800 368 8277. Alternatively, you can make a reservation using our secure online booking system.

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