North London Polygraph Examiner advises on Christmas Invitation

Dec 4, 2020

North London Polygraph Examiner advises on Christmas Invitation

Given the Government’s new lockdown rules some people are going to have a truly miserable Christmas. Our North London Polygraph Examiner dealt with this query from a distraught mother.

Q: Can a lie detector test determine if my daughter is lying to me about Christmas?

I’m emailing you as I don’t know if you can help. You’ll probably think I’m silly writing to you but I’m really upset with a decision my daughter has made about Christmas.

The new lockdown rules mean you can only have a certain amount of people in your house over Christmas, and my daughter has said I’m not one of them. I flew in from Italy a few weeks ago because our lockdown rules were a bit unclear. I didn’t want to get to Christmas and then find I couldn’t fly. Currently I am staying with my son. It isn’t ideal, but I know my daughter has no room for me. My son visits me in Italy every year for Christmas and this year I really wanted the whole family to be together. I do appreciate that it isn’t possible to have the whole family over (we have quite a large one). But my daughter has told me I’m not allowed to come.

She said they’d made a decision as a family, to spend it with just them but I’ve heard rumours they’re having my sister over. Carol, my sister, hasn’t said that but she isn’t coming to my son’s. We could have her if what my daughter is saying is true. Carol insists she’s spending it on her own.

The reason I am so upset by this is that I have been in the UK for over a month. The sole purpose of my visit was to see my daughter and the rest of the family. I understand times are difficult but why would my daughter have Carol round and not me? I’m wondering if I could get my sister to take a lie detector test in the New Year. Would I be able to find our if she did in fact spend Christmas by herself, or if she went to my daughter’s. Can a test be done for this reason?

A. P., Islington

Response from North London Polygraph Examiner

This must be very distressing for you. Rest assured that anyone who is concerned and upset is not being silly to ask for advice.

Although a lie detector test can establish the truth, it might be difficult to get your sister to agree to take one.

You haven’t said whether you and your daughter usually get on well or mentioned your age.  If you do have a good relationship but you are in a vulnerable group, perhaps she is trying to protect you.  She may not want to tell you that’s the reason, because you might insist irrespective of the perceived danger to your health.

It could also be that you have come from Italy where the virus has been particularly prevalent. Do you have young grandchildren?  If so perhaps this could be another worry your daughter has.

Why not ask her, or get your son to ask, whether any of these concerns have caused her to make the decision she has. Tell her how hurt you are having made the trip especially to see her.

North London lie detector test

Feel free to call our helpline on 0800 368 8277 for further advice. We don’t charge for the call or the advice and our customer service representatives will be happy to help if they can.  Mention that the North London Polygraph Examiner has suggested you call.

If you decide to go ahead with the lie detector test then you can either book over the phone or via our secure booking system which you can access by clicking here.

In the interim, I hope you resolve your issue and that your Christmas will be as enjoyable as possible given the circumstances.

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