Case Study | Stalker identified by North London Lie Detector Test

Jan 14, 2020

Our client ordered a North London lie detector test for her brother when he was accused of stalking. The results helped him move forward with his life.

Fiona and Zack’s Case

Zack had always had a thing for Fiona, ever since they were children. He would hassle her at school and then at college. As they grew older he got up the confidence to ask her out on a date. Fiona laughed at him and called him a stalker. She embarrassed him in front of his friends and after that he was outcast by many. His sister Samantha worried about him all the time. He became very introverted but little things he did worried her the most.

The Shrine

Samantha went into his room one evening as she was putting a wash on and found he had pictures of Fiona all over his mirror. He had what appeared to be a lock of her hair attached to the mirror. The pictures looked like they’d been taken from a distance, apart from one of the two of them together taken when they were in primary school with the class. She questioned Zack about this and he stated they were keepsakes. He knew she wasn’t interested in him but he loved her and time would make her realise that soon enough. Samantha took this information to her parents who were equally concerned. But as Fiona hadn’t made any complaints about Zack maybe he was telling the truth.

In the shadows

Their thoughts on the matter were ignited again when they received a call from the police. Fiona had called saying Zack had been outside her bedroom watching her the previous evening. Samantha said that Zack had gone to bed early complaining of a stomach ache and had been in bed all evening, which he had. The police stated they believed her and that was the end of that. Samantha and her parents asked Zack about it and he said he’d been in bed all evening. They hadn’t seen him leave so they too didn’t think anything of it.

One step too far

Samantha was shopping one day and bumped into Fiona, who again complained about her brother watching her. She said he watched her at netball practice and followed her. Zack would make it look like it was a coincidence that he was there, but she didn’t believe it. Fiona warned if something wasn’t done soon, she would be calling the police a second time.

Samantha went home and discussed this with her parents. Zack was clearly obsessed but wouldn’t admit it. He had his whole life ahead of him and at 18 he certainly didn’t need a criminal record for stalking. They contacted us for a North London lie detector test and booked it for the following week.

North London lie detector test

Samantha was the one to discuss the polygraph test with Zack. She explained he was in a difficult position and a criminal record at this point in his life would be bad for any future career or life choices.  If the police had gone into his room and seen the shrine he had created to Fiona, they would have arrested him. Zack protested his innocence but agreed to take the test.

The polygraph test went ahead and the results were returned a few hours later. There had been no proof that Zack had been stalking Fiona but the North London lie detector test proved he was. Zack had also left the house when he was supposed to be in bed on the evening of the original complaint to the police.

Our examiner suggested some treatment options for Zack and in the end they decided on a rehabilitation centre. The issue was that the polygraph identified mental health issues. Zack didn’t know he was stalking, he thought Fiona was in love with him. His counsellor has reported he is doing well and the family have moved to a new town to avoid the temptation.

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