North East Lie Detector Tests for Infidelity Peak in November

Nov 11, 2019

In the first week of this month North East lie detector tests for infidelity have peaked with more orders than we have ever received in comparable years.

Celebration parties of any type tend to increase demand and as Halloween becomes more popular this could be the reason.  At parties, when alcohol is flowing and there is a general feeling of wellbeing, people may be tempted to stray more than at any other time.

Perceptions of infidelity

A study conducted by several psychologists including Daniel Kruger, Robin Edelstein and Maryanne Fisher revealed that straight men and women have different perceptions of infidelity.  For example, heterosexual men are more concerned about a partner having a casual sexual relationship outside of marriage.  However, women were more disturbed if their partners had fallen in love with someone else even when no physical infidelity had occurred.

This research confirms our own findings with many years of experience in administering lie detector tests for infidelity.

Emotional affairs

Polygraph results may prove that a partner is in love with, or emotionally attached to, someone else. But this will only apply at the time of the test.  Emotions can change in the short or long term as most people know.  How many people do you know who are still with their first love?

The standard explanation for women being hurt more by emotional affairs has historically been that they worry about losing the breadwinner.  Nowadays, when it is perfectly normal for both partners to work it’s unlikely that this is the case for many women.

The majority of our female clients feel betrayed because their partners have chosen to share intimate information with someone else.  Invariably they have been lied to about the nature of the clandestine relationship leading to suspicions that something more than a friendship exists.  There is also a concern that emotional attachments often lead to physical ones.  Men generally don’t consider emotional attachments to other women as infidelity.

It’s often possible that a marriage will survive a one night stand ‘mistake’ but emotional affairs can damage a relationship permanently.  The same, if not more, deception is practised with emotional infidelity as physically cheating.

Physical infidelity

A one night indiscretion at a party may never lead to it being repeated.  Keeping it a secret may be possible if only the two participants know about it.  This also assumes that neither cheater wants to repeat the experience.  The 1987 movie Fatal Attraction should have been enough to put anyone off having casual sex for life.  The film focused on a happily married lawyer who jumped into bed with a woman he met over a weekend when his wife was away. He was led to believe that his illicit and willing partner wasn’t looking for anything more.  She then proceeded to make his life a misery, even boiling the family’s pet rabbit which they found when they got home.  Anyone considering a passing sexual liaison should definitely watch Fatal Attraction before making a decision!

North East lie detector tests

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