We received an enquiry about missing funds from a Conservative Club in East Anglia. Our Norfolk polygraph examiner dealt with it and subsequently a lie detector test has been booked.

Q: Could a lie detector test discreetly allow me to find out if my wife is stealing money from our fundraising events?

My wife and I are the treasurers for our local Conservative Club and I’m concerned there is something going wrong with the funds. There are all sorts of fundraising events we complete to raise money such as bingo nights, meat draws and various raffles throughout the year. The problem is there doesn’t seem to be the amount of money in the kitty as there should be.

I’ve asked my wife (who does most of the banking) and she says we just haven’t raised the same amount as previous years. But from what I have seen our efforts seem to be doing really well. We are both in our 60’s. I don’t want to mistrust her but the club is the centre of our social life and if suspicions are raised about our honesty we could get thrown out.

Recently my wife has been buying things for the house and herself. She’s also treating our kids to various extravagances. We only have our pensions and when I ask her where the money is coming from; she says she’s won a bit on the lottery or bingo. The other weird thing is that we seem to keep winning on the raffles. She tells me that she’s bought many tickets and this is why, but I think the other members are getting suspicious.

I think if I’m wrong this could destroy our relationship but we’re in such a trusted position within the club, I need to know if she’s dipping her hand in the till so to speak. Could a lie detector help me (confidentially) get to the bottom of this?

R B., Norfolk

Response from Norfolk Polygraph Examiner

This must be very awkward for you.  I imagine in your trusted roles as treasurers you will want to sort this out as quickly as possible.

A lie detector test will give you the answers you need but I suspect you’ll have difficulty persuading your wife to take one.

Perhaps if you explain your worries to her and ask if she has any concerns, she might confess.  If not please call our free helpline on 07572 748364.  We can give you some advice as to how you might be able to get your wife to take the polygraph test.  Naturally your call will be confidential and if you wish, we can administer the test at your home.

Alternatively you might want to book a test online and choose from our many offices located in Norfolk.  You will usually find one a Norfolk polygraph examiner within reasonable travelling distance from your home.