Newcastle polygraph test proves affair

Jun 13, 2022 | Infidelity, Newcastle, Polygraph Examiner

Newcastle polygraph test proves affair

A Newcastle polygraph test recently proved an affair when our client Holly came to use suspecting her husband John guilty of cheating. Here is Holly’s story and how Lie Detector Test UK got her the truth she deserved.

The beginning

Holly met John when John was actually dating her friend Helen. John and Helen met at university and had only been dating for five months when Helen took John to a party. It was at the party that John met Holly and the pair immediately hit it off. They shared a drunken kiss that night, and kept texting afterwards. Helen eventually found out and stopped being friends with Holly. A few months later Holly and John were dating instead, and two years later they were married.

Suspicions start

Holly recalls how things with John started to change when he joined a local reading group. John had always been an avid reader and since working remotely in Newcastle during the pandemic, he felt lonely in his friendship group. Holly suggested the local book club as a way of John meeting and making new friends. However, a few months after joining the club Holly found flirty emails between John and a lady called Cheryl. John had left his laptop opening one evening when he went for a drink at the pub, and that’s when Holly heard the notifications. Curiosity getting the best of her, she opened up the laptop screen to see the email thread and didn’t like what she was reading. When she scrolled up, she saw that the conversation talked about the book club so she put two and two together.


That evening when John got back from the pub, Holly confronted him over the flirty emails. John shrugged it off and simply said that Cheryl was lonely and it was all innocent enough. However, he agreed he wouldn’t email Cheryl anymore and could see how it would be upsetting to Holly. Holly couldn’t help feeling concerned though, given that she met John when he was dating a friend and he cheated on her. A few days later whilst John was showering, she decided to look on his phone. She found a WhatsApp conversation between John and Cheryl, and John had told Cheryl not to email him anymore because his “wife was suspicious”.

Time for a lie detector test

Stuck as to what to do and infuriated that John was still acting suspiciously in talking to Cheryl, Holly searched the internet for answers. She came across a blog on the Lie Detector Test UK’s website and read about how a lie detector test had helped prove a husband guilty of having an affair. The next morning Holly rang our helpline and booked a lie detector test on behalf of John. She told John when he got back from work that he would be taking the lie detector test two days later. John was annoyed at first but agreed to take the test.

The results

Two days later the couple turned up at our Newcastle office and John took his polygraph test. The polygraph test results showed that John had been lying. He asked to speak to Holly and he confessed that he had been having an affair with Cheryl. He admitted the pair had met at the book club months ago, and instantly had a spark. John apologised to Holly and said he had always intended to tell her but he didn’t know how to. Holly has filed for a divorce from John and although the news was a complete shock, she is grateful to Lie Detector Test UK for finding her the truth she deserved.

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