Newcastle polygraph proves employee is hacker

A Newcastle polygraph test helped our client Jen prove her employee Ricky guilty of attempting to hack her banking accounts. Jen owns a successful small bakery and prides herself on supporting young and troubled ex-offenders with their rehabilitation by offering them part time work at her bakery.

The case

Jen recently employed Ricky a young 23-year-old lad who had been given parole after stealing from a supermarket. Ricky loved his job at the bakery and Jen tells us how he was always hard working. Jen decided to give Ricky more responsibility by helping her with her admin work. Ricky was put in charge of expenses and book keeping with Jen to help lighten some of her work load and teach him more business skills.

The problems start

Ricky had been with Jen for over 8 months when he started helping her with admin. Only a month into the new book keeping role, Jen noticed something wasn’t right. Some receipts had been put through on expenses that Jen didn’t remember taking the cash out the till for. The receipts totalled £40 and ranged from coffees, to stationery and baking supplies.


Jen decided to confront Ricky and told him she had no recollection of making these purchases. Ricky said he had, and apologised for any confusion. Jen approved the purchases but asked Ricky if he could kindly run any petty cash purchases past her in the future before he made any.

The issues continue

Only a week after confronting Ricky, Jen kept getting emails from her business bank. They finally rang Jen and told her there had been several attempts made to gain access to her account. Concerned her account wasn’t safe, Jen asked her bank to put extra security measures on the account.

Newcastle lie detector test

Jen confronted Ricky again and said the only person who would have basic access to her details was him. This time Ricky became angry and defensive. He yelled at her and said she was only accusing him because of his past which wasn’t fair. Jen said sorry but she asked Ricky if he would take a polygraph test to prove he was innocent. Ricky reluctantly agreed, and said he would take one the following week when he was off from work.

The results

Ricky’s test showed he was lying. He had tried to hack Jen’s bank account, and the petty cash he had pocketed for himself. Upset and hurt by his actions Jen dismissed Ricky from working for her. She has informed his parole officer and has left Ricky back in their care. She didn’t press any charges but says she hopes that this time Ricky really does learn his lesson. Jen thanks Lie Detector Test UK for their professional manner in handling her case and for helping her find out the truth which saved her business.

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