It’s no coincidence that our polygraph examiners have been busy in the North East this year. Specifically Durham and Newcastle lie detector tests are in high demand mainly connected to infidelity.

Illicit Encounters, the dating website set up for people looking for extra marital affairs, produces an infidelity index each year.  In 2018, Durham was 4th and Newcastle became the 10th most adulterous city in the UK.

Membership increase and statistics

Statistics released by Illicit Encounters showed that there were over 5,000 registered users in Durham representing a 10 percent increase over 2017. This amounted to 8 percent of the adult populace or 1 in 12 people actively seeking illicit partners. Newcastle wasn’t much better with over 19,000 members which work out at 1 in 15. Membership increased by 7 percent in Newcastle from last year’s figures.

Conversely only 1percent of adults in Sunderland subscribed to the dating site. Therefore if you are looking for a partner in the North East who isn’t going to cheat, Sunderland might be a good place to start!

Illicit Encounters

According to the owners of this dating website, which has been running for 15 years, people would have affairs, with or without the site. We are sure they are right but of course the site does make it easier for people to find those who are like minded.

Being at the least exciting end of these scenarios our polygraph examiners encounter the heartbroken innocent partners. Those who at their wit’s end book Newcastle lie detector tests as a last resort to unravel the tissue of lies they have been told.

They are not the people who have clandestine intimate dinners before booking into a hotel room for raunchy sex.  They are the partners who are confused, hurt and angry.

We wonder whether it would be a good idea for Illicit Encounters to intersperse their blog with stories of the consequences of infidelity. With glowing reviews from members who state that the site has helped their marriages, we have to say none of our clients believe it has.

Durham and Newcastle lie detector tests

If you live in the North East of England, and would like to learn more about our Durham lie detector tests and Newcastle lie detector tests contact us.  Do you suspect that your partner is a member of a dating website for married people? We can find out if they are and whether they have carried that membership any further.

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