Newcastle lie detector test used for cheating allegations

Jun 22, 2022 | Infidelity, Newcastle, Polygraph Examiner, Private Lie Detector Test, Relationship

Newcastle lie detector test used for cheating allegations

A Newcastle lie detector test was used for cheating allegations when our client suspecter her boyfriend guilty of cheating. Here is Fiona’s story and how Lie Detector Test UK helped her find out the answers she deserved to know.

The beginning

Fiona met Mark when the pair were both working for a large local logistics company. Fiona worked in HR and Mark was a project manager. After two years of dating Mark asked Fiona to marry him, to which she happily agreed. The issues started however when the couple moved to Newcastle for Mark’s promotion.

Suspicions start

Fiona recalls how when the couple moved to Newcastle she felt lonely and cut off. She had met Mark when they were working in Oxford, so the move meant she was far away from friends and family. Mark, however, went to university in Newcastle so he was excited to re-connect with old friends. One of his university friends was an attractive blonde lady called Connie. Fiona didn’t get on very well with Connie from the beginning, and told Mark that she was certain Connie had a crush on him.


One evening Mark went to the pub and forgot his phone. Fiona was aware he had left it behind when she heard multiple notifications going off, and found it down the side of the couch. To her surprise, all of the text notifications were off Connie. She unlocked Mark’s phone and read the conversation. Connie was talking about meeting up again, without Fiona, saying it would be nice to have some “friends alone time”. Fiona didn’t like the tone of Connie’s texts and decided to confront Mark when he got home later that evening.

Newcastle lie detector test

Mark told Fiona not to worry and said Connie was flirty with everyone in their friendship group. He understood the texts made Fiona feel uncomfortable and agreed he would stick to only talking to Connie in group chats, and ignore her direct messages. However, only a few days later when the pair were on date night, his phone lit up with missed calls and texts from Connie again. Fiona left the meal upset and rang her best friend, Julie. Julie sent her a link to the Lie Detector Test UK’s website and told her to book a lie detector test on behalf of Mark to find out the truth for once and for all.

 The results

Fiona booked a lie detector test for mark online using our booking form. She had managed to book a lie detector test at our Newcastle office for the following week. She told Mark when he got home, and although Mark was upset that Fiona didn’t trust him, he agreed the lie detector test would help confirm he wasn’t lying. The couple turned up to our Newcastle office and Mark took his polygraph test. The results showed Mark was telling the truth. Fiona immediately apologised to Mark but Mark said he understood the worry and concerns Fiona had. He agreed he would ask to meet Connie for coffee and bring Fiona along to talk to Connie about her flirty behaviour and inappropriate contact in person. The couple thanked Lie Detector Test UK for their help in their case and are now looking foward to a happy and accusation free future together.

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