Newcastle lie detector test reveals affair

A Newcastle lie detector test was recently booked by our client Trina when she suspected her husband Ronald guilty of having an affair. Here is Trina’s story and how Lie Detector Test UK helped her get the truth she deserved.

The beginning

Trina met Ronald when she owned a café close to the A1 in Newcastle. Because of the location of her café she got a lot of long-haul truck drivers, including Ronald. Ronald was a few years older than Trina but the pair immediately hit it off. Luckily, Ron lived locally in Newcastle too so they started dating. A year later and the pair were living together, marrying just two years after meeting.

Suspicions start

Ron got a promotion at work as a night manager for his work’s depot. The new role meant Ron was no longer working as a lorry driver, so he wouldn’t be away from Trina as often or as long. He was happy to work evenings if it meant less nights away from home. Trina was also thrilled about the promotion and didn’t mind Ron working evenings.

The emails

Trina always found it weird that Rom would make sure his laptop was logged out and turned off when he left for work in the evenings. However, one day he forgot and curiosity got the best of Trina. She found a chat page that was left open and Ron had been exchanging messages with someone called “Sammykittyxo”. The messages were flirty and talked about meeting up. However, Trina couldn’t read anymore as the chat box was only a day old. Trina assumed Ron had either deleted the chat history, or the website didn’t keep chat history older than the current chat.


Before leaving for work the next morning, Trina told Ron what she had found and asked him who the girl was. He said it was simply a friend who he had been emailing for a few years since she moved to the states. He told Trina he used to work with her and she was now working at his employer’s sister company in Texas. Because Trina couldn’t read any other messages she didn’t argue with Ron, but she couldn’t help feeling he was lying.

Time for a lie detector test

Trina confided in her friend at work, who told her if she was unsure if Ron was lying to book a lie detector test. She told Trina how her brother had booked one when his employer accused him of stealing. She passed on the details of Lie Detector Test UK and told Trina to give us a call.

The test

Trina booked a lie detector test for the following week at our Newcastle office. She told Ron about the test when she got home. Ron was upset, but he agreed to take the test and prove he wasn’t lying. Ron showed up to our Newcastle office with Trina a week later and took his test.

The results

The results showed Ron was lying. He asked to speak to Trina and confessed that he had been having an online affair. He admitted he didn’t know her from work but met her in the chatroom which was actually designed for singles to meet. She didn’t live in Texas after all, and he had met up with her several times to spend the day together whilst Trina was working. He said he didn’t know how to tell Trina but he was sorry she had found out this way. The couple have now separated and Trina thanks Lie Detector Test UK for finding her the truth, albeit a hard one.

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