Newcastle lie detector test proves theft

Apr 1, 2022 | Addiction, drug abuse, Newcastle, Relationship, Theft

Newcastle lie detector test proves theft

A Newcastle lie detector test recently proved theft when our client Gemma came to use suspecting her daughter Lilly guilty of stealing money from her wallet. Here is Gemma’s story and how Lie Detector Test UK helped Gemma find the truth she deserved.

The beginning

During lockdown Lilly moved back from Newcastle university to her Mother’s on the edge of Newcastle. Gemma recalls how Lilly was lonely and not enjoying her university experience due to the pandemic. Gemma agreed Lilly should move home for a few months until restrictions eased again.

Suspicion starts

When restrictions started to ease, Lilly saw a lot of her old school friends for distanced walks around Newcastle and to socialise again. Gemma started to worry that something was wrong when she noticed £10 had gone missing from the table top in the hallway. Guessing Lilly had taken it and forgotten to tell her, Gemma asked Lilly when she got home later that day if she had taken it. Lilly said she had as she needed some cash for petrol, but withdrew another £10 and immediately handed it back to her mum.


Another week passed, and this time Gemma noticed £30 had gone missing from her wallet, which was in her handbag in the cupboard. Getting annoyed this time, Gemma told Lilly she needed to ask before she took anymore cash. However, Lilly told Gemma she hadn’t borrowed or taken any cash from her mum’s wallet. Gemma was sure that Lilly was lying, but decided she would give her the benefit of the doubt and assumed it was her boyfriend Liam who had taken it instead.

Strange Behaviour

Another week went past and this time Gemma started to notice odd behaviour from Lilly. She was going out more and more and staying out until later at night. She was becoming quite lethargic and lazy, and had started to snap more at Gemma. Gemma knew this wasn’t the usual Lilly and asked her if everything was ok – but Lilly got angry and stormed off instead. A few days later Gemma was doing Lilly’s washing when she found an empty bag of what looked like cannabis in Lilly’s jacket pocket. She confronted Lilly about it, but Lilly just said it was her friends and she had nothing to worry about.

The Test

Still unsure why Lilly would be lying and now concerned she was smoking cannabis with her friends, Gemma decided to research advice online. She came across Lie Detector Test UK’s website and read our blog. Later that day, Gemma rang our free helpline and booked a polygraph test for Lilly. She told Lilly and Lilly agreed to take the test. The following week both Gemma and Lilly came to our Newcastle office and Lilly took her polygraph test.

The results

The results showed that Lilly had been lying. She confessed to her mum that she had taken the £30 and bought cannabis. She agreed she would start therapy and counselling to help her stop smoking cannabis. Lilly started crying to Gemma and explained how she had been struggling mentally with the lockdown. She is now having regular counselling sessions and has started correct treatment with her GP. Gemma thanks Lie Detector Test UK for finding her the answers she needed and for realising the professional help Lilly needed before things became any worse.

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