Newbury polygraph test used in harassment case

A Newbury polygraph test recently proved Paul, 56, guilty of stalking our client Ann, 48. Here is Ann’s story and how a polygraph test helped give her all the evidence she needed to prove Paul guilty of harassing her.

How it all began

Ann says she met Paul when he started working as a delivery driver for her local bakery. Ann worked as a chef in the kitchens of a hotel, and loved her job. She had regular contact with local suppliers of meats, fish and baked goods. A large part of her working week was spent ordering supplies, and taking deliveries from her local delivery drivers. Ann says it was important she took in the majority of deliveries as she liked to personally check the quality of stock in each delivery.

The day Ann met Paul

Paul first delivered to Ann’s hotel in Newbury about six months ago. Paul used to work as a private music instructor, but with the pandemic he had struggled for clients so decided to take on some part time work. Ann immediately got along with Paul and remembers they enjoyed the same sense of humour. A few deliveries later, Paul asked Ann for her mobile number and Ann happily obliged.

Strange calls

However, only a week after giving Paul her number Ann started to receive odd calls. Her mobile would ring and when answered she would only get an empty line, with someone listening but not talking. Ann assumed it was a telesales call and after receiving over 10 calls decided she would block the number.

Two weeks after blocking the calls, they started again. Again, the calls came from a “No Number” user and nothing was ever said when Ann answered. Becoming increasingly concerned, Ann blocked the caller again and hoped the calls would stop.

Confessions at work

After receiving a call one morning and blocking the number, Ann got a delivery from Paul. Ann told Paul all about the calls and how she was becoming concerned that someone was stalking her. Paul asked Ann if she had recently fired any staff, or even joined any new clubs. Ann said she hadn’t dismissed any staff for a while, but she had recently joined an amateur photography club in the village. Paul suggested it might be someone from the new club, and Ann confessed she had given her mobile number out on the Facebook chat for the group, so she could be kept more informed about upcoming club events.

Who could it be?

Becoming more and more paranoid, Ann started to question everyone around her. Her concerns became even more persistent when she received a parcel one day. Opening up the delivery, Ann found a new camera lens, costing over £200. Confused as to who could have such a crush on her, Ann decided to keep the gift but not to use it until she had discovered who was at the bottom of all the attention.

Two days later, Paul asked Ann if she had received his gift. Ann asked Paul if he meant the camera lens, and Paul confessed he had sent it. Immediately, Ann told Paul she couldn’t accept such a generous gift, but Paul confronted her that the lens was second hand and he simple couldn’t resist a bargain. He knew Ann had joined the photography club so said he was happy to have found a gift she could use to thank her for her repeated business. Ann thanked Paul and asked if he would like to go for a drink that Friday after work, Paul said he would love to.

This was a mistake

Friday soon arrived and Ann met Paul at the local village pub. The pair were getting along really well and having a laugh, until things took a strange turn. Paul started to ask Ann a lot of very personal questions about her ex and her private life. Feeling suddenly uncomfortable, Ann decided to shrug the interrogation style questions off and change subject. However, Paul became quite insistent. Ann went off to the toilets and text her friend asking her to ring her in 5 minutes. Taking her seat back with Paul, Ann answered her phone and told Paul it was a friend who had been in a minor traffic accident and she had to go and check on her.

Leave me alone

A whole week went by, and Ann didn’t hear or see anything from Paul, however the calls started again. Talking to her friend at work, Ann decided that everything timed with her meeting Paul. Ann decided to confront Paul the next day when he delivered to her kitchen. Paul said he wasn’t sure why Ann was accusing him of making the calls, or being obsessed with her. He said the drink had been a mistake and he was happy to remain friends, Ann was relieved Paul seemed to calm and agreed it was best to be friends.


One evening, Ann was getting changed when she realised, she had left her curtains open. Rushing to close the curtains, she spotted some headlights in the lane right outside her window. It was then that she caught a glimpse of the vehicle, it was Paul’s delivery van with the bakery logo right on the side of it. Ann was freaked out, and again decided she would confront Paul. Paul denied all knowledge of being near her house the previous evening and suggested if she was that concerned why didn’t he take a lie detector test. He told Ann how his best friend had been concerned of an ex girlfriend hacking his emails, so she had taken a test to prove she wasn’t. Ann agreed and said she would research where to book one.

Newbury polygraph test

The following week both Ann and Paul turned up at our Newbury office. Paul took his test and answered questions such as “Did you make the suspicious phone calls to Ann” and “Were you outside Ann’s house on the night she says she saw your van”. Paul failed the test. It turned out he had been making the calls, and watched Ann from outside her house. Ann told Paul she was going to file for harassment and was uncomfortable with his behaviours towards her. She is now discussing her options and case with the Police and thanks the Newbury office for helping her find out the truth.

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