Newbury lie detector test proves affair

A Newbury lie detector test proves affair. Our client Seb suspected his fiancé Jake guilty of cheating on him. Here is Seb’s story and how Lie Detector Test UK got him the answers he deserves.

The beginning

Seb met Jake when the pair were working as entertainment managers within the dance industry. Jake moved two years later to Newbury and asked Seb to move with him. The couple moved to Newbury and Jake started his new job as an arts therapist. Seb got a job at a local theatre as director.

Suspicion starts

When Jake started his new job he became good friends with a guy called Joe. Joe often came round to have dinner with the pair with his girlfriend Francessca. The group became close friends, but Seb said things started to change when he saw texts from Joe one evening on Justin’s phone. Jake asked Seb if he could look at his iCloud settings as his storage was getting low on his work phone.

The texts

Seb started a backup on Jake’s phone when he came across a WhatsApp conversation between Jake and Joe. The texts talked about meeting up, and the conversation ended with a flirty text from Joe saying “He couldn’t wait to see Jake again, and it had been too long”. Seb was confused as Joe and Francessca had only been over for dinner a few days ago.


Seb showed Jake the conversation and asked him what Joe meant by his last text. Jake defended himself by saying Joe had simply meant he was excited to hang out just the two of them as him and Francessca were having problems at the moment. Seb couldn’t help feeling like Jake was lying, and decided to ring his sister for advice. His sister recommended booking a lie detector test and shared our details with him, saying how useful Lie Detector Test UK had been when she suspected a friend guilty of stealing from her a year ago.

The Test

Seb rang our Newbury office and booked a polygraph test for Jake to take the following week. He told Jake when he got home that day, and Jake was shocked but agreed to take the test to prove nothing was going on. The couple turned up for Jake to take his test, and the results showed Jake had been lying. Jake asked to speak to Seb and confessed that he and Joe had shared a kiss, but nothing else had happened. He said that Joe had been confused and upset after fighting with Francessca, and although he was keen to pursue things with Jake, Jake had told him he loved Seb. Seb is grateful he found out the truth and can work on things with Jake before it got out of control.

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