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Nov 11, 2022 | Case Study

Newbury Lie Detector test for Family Theft Allegations

When our client came to us she was heartbroken that someone had stolen money from her grandson’s trust fund. More so because she believed his mother was the culprit. Our Newbury Lie Detector Test service revealed the truth.

Angela’s story

Angela had been the legal guardian for her grandson since he was a year old. Jackie, her daughter hadn’t been able to care for him properly due to her lifestyle choices. Her inability to think of anything other than her own freedom, boyfriends and social life didn’t leave any room for taking care of a child. So much so that when social services were called for the 5th time, Carlton was in danger of being taken into care. Angela didn’t want this to happen.

Having raised her own children, who had all left home she thought she could now sit back and enjoy a peaceful retirement. At 65 the last thing she wanted was a toddler in the house but she wasn’t going to allow her grandson to be raised by just anyone and she took him in. Carlton, now 5, was understandably a handful but doing well and had adjusted to his mother visiting him once a month. It had been twice a week originally but over the years this had dwindled and she sometimes didn’t even come at all.

A little here and there

Angela wasn’t well off. She had her state pension and also a small pension from her old job. It wasn’t much but she saved this every month to give Carlton a trust fund for when he grew up. Angela knew it would only be enough for a car or help with getting a home of his own but she was certain she wasn’t going to allow him to turn out as his mother had. The little she’d manage to save was in a post office book account. She had no reason to hide the book or more precisely, she thought she didn’t.

Jackie had stolen from her before, some years ago to fund a trip abroad with her friends. Carlton was her son and she knew Jackie was fully aware the money was for his future and how hard she’d saved for it. If Angela knew now what she knew then maybe a Newbury lie detector test would have saved them a lot of time and upset.

The unthinkable

Angela went to the post office, as she did every month to pay some money in and get a print out of the balance. She knew what it was but she liked to keep paper records of everything. There had been £2,350 in there last month and she was putting an additional £150 in as she’d had a cold weather payment from her energy provider. She thought this money would be better placed for her grandson’s future than being paid back to the company it had come from. Angela was old school and if it was cold she’d put on a jumper, not crank up the heating.

To her shock and horror, there was only £70 on the printout. She queried this with the post office and they confirmed that Jackie had been into the office with her son and withdrew the money. She’d been able to do this as she had Carlton’s birth certificate to prove she was his mother.

Angela called Jackie straight away. She couldn’t believe that her daughter would steal her own son’s safety net but Jackie denied it. The post office had told her Jackie had been and withdrawn Carlton’s savings, she was caught hook, line and sinker.

The last time she’d stolen from her, Jackie had denied it but it couldn’t have been anyone else. To keep the peace, Angela had gone along with Jackie’s protests and said maybe she’d mislaid it. This time Angela was going to prove her daughter had lied and the only way to do this, where she couldn’t argue with the results, would be a Newbury lie detector test. She’d found polygraph services in Newbury the last time Jackie had stolen from her but decided against it. However, this time she had to prove her daughter was lying and decide where to go from there.

Trying to understand the problem

Angela arrived home having walked through the park for what seemed like hours. Jackie had been a troubled child. There was no reason for this apart from falling in with the wrong crowd. Angela and her father, Gary had brought all of their three children up to be respectful, able to make good decisions in life and they thought honest. Jackie’s siblings were doing brilliantly, settled down with children and in their own homes. Trevor, her brother was a solicitor and Kerry, her sister a vet.

Angela couldn’t think what had happened to make Jackie behave in the manner she did. All three kids had a good upbringing and they’d all gone to the same school. They’d had the same opportunities with equal love, care and attention.

This time Angela had to prove, without a doubt what Jackie had done. She needed to make Jackie face up to her problems. Only then could they try and build bridges with the rest of the family. Jackie had stolen from all of her family, in one way or another. Maybe it was an addiction to stealing but Jackie had burnt all bridges and the only one who still spoke to her was her mother. Angela wanted to change this and needed to get to the bottom of the turmoil Jackie seemed to be in and had inflicted on the family for years.

Home comforts

Angela looked up the Newbury lie detector process. She was relieved to find she could have the polygraph examiner visit at home, rather than having to go to an office in Newbury where everyone knew Jackie. She made the call and found, not only was it not as expensive as she thought but she could also tailor her own questions. Maybe she could find out why she was the way she was.

She needed to ask if she’d taken the money and wanted to know why. The questions she needed to think about had to elicit ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers.  Angela talked the questions through with the examiner and realised that she could learn not only whether Jackie had taken the money but also what she had taken if for. Perhaps she had stolen it to fund drugs, alcohol or to pay off debts.

Same day Newbury lie detector test and results service

Jackie reluctantly agreed to the test and the Newbury lie detector test examiner came to the house. Angela had also paid a little extra for same day results. The results confirmed that Jackie had stolen the money which wasn’t a surprise. But to Angela’s dismay they also revealed she was in debt and had addictions to drugs and alcohol. She couldn’t find out why or how this had happened but she could help her now she knew the issue.

Angela took Jackie to visit her GP, who prescribed a course of counselling and residential care. Four months on and Jackie is doing well. She’s drug and alcohol free, but still not ready to face the outside world and the people and problems that put her in this position in the first place. Although Angela can’t forgive her for stealing money meant for her own son’s future, she can try to make sure it doesn’t happen again. The Newbury lie detector test was Jackie’s first step to recovery but the rest is up to her.

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