Our Newark polygraph examiner dealt with a query last week relating to a teenager suspected of cheating on his mock exams.  Other parents may be interested in reading his response to it.

Q: Can your Newark polygraph examiner find out if my son cheated on his exams?

I’m writing for a little advice on my son, Archie. He’s 16 and has always been good at sports but his grades leave something to be desired. Last year he was struggling to get a D in most subjects and I was called in by the headmistress of his school for his bad behaviour. Archie had been caught smoking and not going to his lessons.

It got to a point where his father and I sat him down and gave him an ultimatum. We both decided that it would be a good idea if he went to live with his grandparents in South Devon. He could take his exams there next year. I am aware that upheaving him in the middle of his last year at school could cause problems. But it couldn’t make his grades worse than they already were when we read him the riot act. Archie didn’t want to leave his friends and said he’d try harder. I think he was scared he’d have to toe the line and lose his freedom.

His grades went from below a D to an A+ in his mocks, which caused the school to think he’s cheating somehow. There is no change in his behaviour or studying pattern, so I think I agree with them.

Is he old enough for a lie detector test? I want to believe he’s knuckling down but I just don’t see it. My parents are really strict and if I found he was cheating I’d send him straight there. He needs some discipline and I feel my mother’s no nonsense approach would do him the power of good.

We are approaching a new year and it would be great if we could get to the bottom of this sooner rather than later.

L. D., Newark

Response from our Newark polygraph examiner

So many parents tell me how great it would be if they could skip the teenage years and move on to adulthood.  When teenagers cheat on their exams, they have no concept of how it can affect their future employment prospects.  They might have the qualifications because they’ve cheated but it will become apparent very quickly that they don’t know as much as they should when they get a job.

In answer to your query, I can administer a lie detector test to your 16 year old with your permission.

Lie detector test discounts

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