Newark Lie Detector Tests explained to Employee

We received this enquiry from an employee whose manager had ordered several Newark lie detector tests.

Q:  My boss has ordered lie detector tests for all employees. Do I have to take one?

I´ve recently returned to work after being furloughed for almost a year.  My colleagues and I have received a memo telling us that periodic lie detector tests are to be implemented as part of the company´s loss prevention strategy.

None of us know what loss prevention they are referring to. If something has gone missing, then surely we should know what it is. I feel outraged that having worked for the company for more than 12 years, they don´t trust me. Many of my colleagues feel the same.

If we refuse to take them, can we lose our jobs?

E. B., Newark

Response from Newark Polygraph Examiner

Unless there is periodic lie detector test clause in your employment contract or you signed anything to agree to a test, you are not obliged to take it. You cannot lose your job for not taking the test either.

In terms of knowing what is missing, if indeed anything is, you will be told what questions are going to be asked in the pre-test interview. A polygraph examination takes around two hours to complete including the pre-test interview.

Many companies use periodic lie detector tests in loss prevention strategy. You haven´t said what type of company you work for but often they are used in retail, industrial manufacturing, data and security. The Newark lie detector tests your company has ordered don´t reflect mistrust in any one individual unless something has been stolen. If all staff members are taking them, it could be a way of introducing them for future use.

There is nothing worse than allegations of fraud or theft in the workplace and the whole workforce thinking they are under suspicion.  This is why lie detector tests are useful.  They quickly identify the culprit, and the rest of the staff can relax.

Natural stress

If you or your colleagues are concerned about natural stress affecting the results, it won´t.  The polygraph examiner take this into account before conducting the examination.

Refusing to take a test could be misconstrued as evidence of guilt.  People are often so worried about stress that they don´t feel confident to take one. However, they really shouldn´t be concerned.  Part of the polygraph examiner´s work is to ensure that you are completely relaxed before the examination.

Newark lie detector tests

If you would like more information about periodic lie detector tests in Newark or elsewhere in the UK, our free helpline is available on 07572 748364.