New year but same old lies

It was a New year but for Steven if was one full of the same old lies. Steven came to Lie Detector Test UK when he found a series of mysterious emails over Christmas between his fiancé Fiona and a colleague named Carl.

How it began

Steven recalls how during lockdown, the cracks between him and his fiancé started to show. After lockdown eased last autumn, Steven thought things would return to normal. He missed his working routine and decided the arguments between him and Fiona were simply pent-up aggravation.

Strange behaviours

When Fiona returned to work, the arguments did slowly stop. However, Steven says instead of arguing Fiona just seemed disconnected from the relationship instead. Most evenings she got home late, then said she was tired so went straight to bed without spending any time with Steven. Steven tried to book a romantic Christmas meal one evening at the couple’s favourite restaurant. However, Fiona said she felt sick and went to bed.

What is wrong?

Steven decided to ask Fiona if everything was ok as she seemed distant lately. Fiona reassured Steven that she was just tired as work were actually looking at promoting her. The couple wanted to save to buy a house so this news was extremely exciting for Steven. He congratulated her and apologised for mentioning anything.

The emails

However, only a week after their conversation, Steven found emails on Fiona’s work laptop one day when he was cleaning her office. Fiona had gone out to walk their dog and Carl said he would help Fiona by cleaning the house. When he went to dust her laptop and office desk, he noticed all the notifications on her emails. He couldn’t resist the urge to snoop and started reading a thread from a work colleague called Carl.

Time for a lie detector test

Steven could see the emails were flirty and he didn’t like the way Fiona was returning the attention. The emails went on to mention meeting up but Steven wasn’t sure if they were friends or if it was more from what he could read. He decided to talk to Fiona about it when she returned from walking the dog. Fiona was annoyed that Steven had been reading her private emails, but she said he was just a work friend.

A few weeks went by and Steven went to the pub with his best friend. He decided to get his friend’s advice on the situation. Steven’s friend told him about Lie Detector Test UK who helped him with a family dispute over two years ago. He suggested Steven asked Fiona to take a lie detector test so the couple could put things behind them.

The results

Fiona agreed to take a lie detector test the following week after Steven explained he wasn’t feeling ok about her relationship with Carl. Fiona failed the test. She admitted that she had shared a night with Carl after the works Christmas Party. She said the relationship with Carl had carried on through the festive season and into the New year. Fiona called off the engagement with Steven whilst she figured out what she wanted to do and went through counselling.

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