New Study reveals CV lies are Rife among Brits

Aug 11, 2022

Recent data pulled from Job Today (a recruitment app) reveals that Brits have few qualms about CV lies. A whopping 38 percent of job seekers admit to ‘enhancing’ their CVs.

So what if you have never been a voluntary aid worker; travelled the world or worked with underprivileged children?  It transpires that embellishing experience with CV lies comes easily to many.

But who are these liars?

The higher earning bracket admits to being economical with the truth because of the competition they face in the career market.

1 in 3 Brits have lied on their CVs at least once and 1 in 4 do it regularly. Men come out on top with 42 percent confessing to telling huge black lies. Whereas 66 percent of women have never been untruthful, citing fear of being found out.  Over 50 percent of men who admitted to lying don’t feel guilty about it.

Where do the liars live?

City employers beware! 44 percent of those who have told porkies live in London and 44 percent, in the Yorkshire and Humber area.

The Scots are bastions of truth with 74 percent of them having never had their pants on fire, being completely honest on their CVs.

Conversely 33 percent of high earners are more likely to have long noses acquired through lying about their activities outside of work. This group believes that work experience and qualifications are not sufficient to be chosen for a position.

If nothing else, this research confirms that recruiters should never rely solely on a piece of paper, which could easily be at least half fiction.

The consequence of CV lies

Employment application fraud is huge in the UK. This may be due to the competitive job market, since there are often more than 200 candidates for any position. However, lying on your CV is a criminal offence (Fraud Act 2006) with a maximum term in prison of 10 years if you are caught.

Employers are also becoming savvier, particularly in jobs where security is important, when people are working with children or in the care of the elderly. Candidates may be asked to take a lie detector test, even when other checks have been carried out.

The moral of this sorry state of affairs, described as a “sea of lies” by one of the founders of Job Today, is don’t lie on your CV!

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