Case Study | Neighbour’s False Allegations dispelled by Grantham Lie Detector Test

Jan 14, 2021 | False allegations

Neighbour’s False Allegations dispelled by Grantham Lie Detector Test

Our client was tired of the police knocking on his door regarding false allegations his neighbour kept making about him. He booked a Grantham lie detector test to stop them.

Gareth’s Case

Having never broken the law in any way, Gareth was surprised when the police turned up one day. They said that a neighbour had reported a party he’d had the night before. Not only had Gareth not had a party, he’d never hosted a party at home in his life. He was single, lived alone. The few friends he had were more likely to invite him to their houses than come to his.

The police went away saying they would make further enquiries. That annoyed Gareth since they should have believed him.  Two weeks later, they came back.  A second report had been made about him having another party. Again he told them he hadn’t.  This time they warned him they would be keeping an eye on him.  A week later, he noticed a police car parked opposite his house and various times of the day and night.

Despite the outrage he felt, a month went by and he had lulled himself into a false sense of security.  No police were in sight and they hadn’t visited him again.  Then they did. Once again they explained that he’d been reported for having another party. He was breaking Covid rules and could be fined. No matter what he said, they didn’t believe him. They had no proof but then nor did he.

Grantham lie detector test

Gareth booked a lie detector test with us because he couldn’t think of a better way to prove his innocence.  He felt if he had his polygraph results he would be prepared for any further visits by the police.

His results proved he wasn’t being deceptive when he said he hadn’t been hosting parties at his house. Nor was he being deceptive when he said he’d never had a party there.

When the police arrived 3 weeks later, Gareth told them to look at his polygraph results before they said anything.  He also suggested that they ask the neighbour who was constantly reporting him to take a lie detector test, since they were obviously wasting police time.

It’s been a month and so far there have been no more visits. Gareth has promised to keep our East Midlands polygraph examiner informed of any further visits.  He is also trying to find out which neighbour is reporting him to tell them to stop spying because there is nothing to see.

Covid informants

With the government encouraging people to inform on their neighbours, there is always a chance that someone who has an axe to grind can report someone just to make trouble.  Since the police use the polygraph to monitor certain types of offenders, they may accept lie detector test results as some proof of innocence, as they did for our client.

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