National Drink Wine Day Lie Detector Test Discount

Few people need a reason to open a bottle of wine at the end of a busy, stress filled day. But National Drink Wine Day provides an excellent excuse to have a glass.

Wine tends to ease stress and according to cardiologists one glass a day is good for your heart. Of course they don’t mention how big the glass should be.

What is special about National Drink Wine Day?

No matter where you are in the world, National Drink Wine Day is an opportunity to celebrate wine. Naturally this includes drinking it. However, it’s not an excuse to get legless, go on a drunken rampage in order to achieve the worst hangover of a lifetime the day after.

Today, more than any other is a day to responsibly savour your wine and consider the beneficial effects it’s had throughout history and within our societies. Unfortunately with Covid 19 restrictions you may not be able to enjoy it with people who are close to you. This might take the edge off the fun and entertainment you would usually participate in.  But perhaps you could have an online Zoom meeting as second best.

We have been drinking wine for more than 8,000 years and it has played a major role in celebrations of every kind. It has also been a perfect accompaniment to food whether in fine dining or with a barbeque. Did you know that the average adult drinks 45.6 gallons of wine annually?

How wine can lead to lie detector tests

Wine has a habit of relaxing us and when we are relaxed we tend to talk more freely. Countless lie detector tests have been booked with Lie Detector Test UK following some gossip or scandal that has emerged in a wine drinking environment.

For example, in one gathering of friends everyone in the group knew that one of their husbands was cheating. No one wanted to tell his wife and they had all kept it quiet for months. After a little too much wine, someone told the wife. When the husband denied it, his wife ordered a lie detector test in London to establish the truth.  The polygraph results revealed he had cheated multiple times with multiple women.

Lie detector tests in the East Midlands were booked after wine flowed freely at a party. One of the guests stole a very valuable antique clock. The thief was identified.

False allegations of child abuse led to the ‘accused’ taking a lie detector test in the West Midlands to prove his innocence.  The allegations were made to social services by a jealous ex-girlfriend after she had consumed two bottle of wine.

Polygraph Discount

Lie Detector Test UK is offering a discount on office polygraph tests booked on National Drink Wine Day (18 February 2021) up to 24 February 2021.  Normally a controlled office test is £100 more expensive than a home test.  So for one week from 18 February you can have an office test at the same price as a home test – £395 inclusive of VAT.

Call our free helpline on 07572 748364 quoting National Drink Wine Day if you want to benefit from the discount.

But today let’s raise a glass to wine whether it’s a full bodied red, a sparkling white or rosé.