National Children’s Day UK 2021

May 16, 2021

National Children’s Day UK 2021

Today is a day to consider how essential it is for children to have a healthy childhood. National Children´s Day UK focuses on the protection of their rights and freedoms every year. And the ways we can ensure that all children grow into happy, healthy adults.

Throughout the UK there are organisations that contribute continuously toward this endeavour. These include community groups, charities, councils, hospitals, local services, sports clubs, charities and carers to name just a few.

At Lie Detector Test UK our polygraph examiners often see adults that have experienced damaging childhoods, far removed from health and happiness.  On this National Children´s Day in the UK we´d like to focus on how the childhood experiences of our clients can be avoided.

Child to child violence

In today´s society we seem to be more concerned about complicating issues than resolving them. Innumerable studies have been conducted over decades with statistics manipulated to achieve whatever the desired results of the studies are.

For example, in recent years there has been a massive increase in children stabbing other children. The closure of youth clubs and poverty tend to be the most regularly proposed reasons for this. However, whilst the lack of youth clubs may play a part, coming from a deprived background hasn´t always led to children being more violent toward each other.

We tend to hear about knife crime in the media when someone dies as a result of being stabbed. We are infinitely less aware of victims like David Wilson who sustained life changing injuries, including the loss of an eye.  You can see an interview outlining his story below –

When children as young as nine state that they carry knives for protection, it´s maybe time that we looked back on what was working decades ago and try to reapply it today.

Searching back decades we cannot find a single instance where a child stabbed his or her teacher whereas today, we wouldn’t be surprised by it.

Stability, boundaries and discipline

We have come a long way from “children should be seen and not heard”, but discipline is sadly lacking in many situations nowadays.  If there are no consequences for bad behaviour, it will continue.

All children need stability and boundaries to grow into well balanced adults.  The disintegration of the nuclear family over recent decades doesn´t help. According to David Lammy, MP for Tottenham, most knife-wielding young killers in London have absent fathers. Studies in the USA point to absent fathers being an issue with violent youngsters.

In the Queen’s speech recently, the government has laid out plans to legislate against ‘conversion therapy’. It will be interesting to see whether this encompasses coercing children to take puberty blockers or encouraging them to change gender.

While there is no doubt that gender dysphoria exists, we know that children are susceptible to absorbing ideas. It is our belief that these matters should be left until such time as they reach their teens, as a minimum.  Actions taken too early can lead to regret later in life.

Let’s allow our children to enjoy their childhood, without filling their heads with sexual and gender ideas. Concentrating on stability in all things should be the goal. Happy, health children invariable grow into well rounded, honest adults.

Historical sexual abuse

By far the most common cases our polygraph examiners deal with, in terms of childhood problems, are those related to historical sexual abuse. Whether these children were abused by their parents, other members of the family or grooming gangs, as adults they find it difficult to come forward.

Often, they feel they will not be believed or indeed, are not believed. It is vital that survivors of historical sexual abuse have a support network.  When the closest people to them don’t believe them, it is devastating. Lie detector tests results give them more confidence to report what has happened to them and help them move forward with their lives.

Some people believe that it is the responsibility of schools to teach children about sexual matters. Others feel it lies with the parents. We believe all children should be able to tell someone about sexual abuse. This is specifically because all paedophiles use secrecy to carry out their evil deeds.  A child who has been abused from an early age may think that the abuse and keeping it secret is normal.  If the abuser is a family member it is highly unlikely that a child will feel comfortable telling another family member about it. Therefore, the answer must lie in education we believe. Perhaps regular government campaigns related to this topic could be broadcast well before the watershed.

Positive action

Telling the truth about all things is something children should be taught from a very early age.

Child sexual abuse is a massive worldwide problem and leads to severe psychological problems as the child grows up.  Positive action, rather than trying to bury the problem, as occurred in the grooming gang scandals is something we must all aim for. As Russian President, Vladimir Putin said, a country that cannot protect its children has no future.  Let’s make sure that isn’t us.

National Children’s Day UK 2021

If you know a child who is being abused, either violently or sexually you must report it.  There are innumerable child abuse helplines, some of which we detail below –

Action for Children

Anxiety UK



Me and My Mind

Make National Children’s Day, a day to do something positive about ensuring children are happy and healthy.

If you have experienced any form of abuse and feel you aren’t believed, call our free helpline confidentially on 0800 368 8277. A problem shared, is a problem halved and we may be able to help.

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