National Blame Someone Else Day

Today is National Blame Someone Else Day when we get a pass to blame something or someone else for anything we want to.

In the Polygraph Industry, we are accustomed to people blaming someone or something else for a myriad of issues all year round. Here are some of the more common ones:

Addiction lie detector tests

These types of tests are usually booked as a last resort to get an addict to admit they have a problem. We regularly conduct addiction lie detector tests related to drugs, alcohol, substance and even sex addiction. They are usually ordered by desperate family members or close friends who want to stop the pain, not only for the addict but also for those around them.

Over many years our polygraph examiners in Bristol have listened to drug addicts and alcoholics blaming anyone or anything for their demise. In some cases, the beginning of the abuse may have been prompted by an event. Something tragic or upsetting may have occurred that set a person on the road to excessive drinking, drug, or substance abuse.

However, the hardest thing for an addict to do is admit to having an addiction. Once they do, their road to recovery can begin. Unfortunately, setting out on that road can take years.

We hear, as do many family members and friends, all the reasons why the addiction is not their fault. They can have a Blame Someone Else Day every day.

For example, alcohol abuse may have started after the breakup of a marriage. For some, drinking a bottle of wine a night, may last for a few weeks before they decide to do something more positive about their situation. But for others the drinking continues and eventually the addiction develops. 10 years after a divorce, some alcoholics will still blame the divorce on their current drinking. The reality is that they are addicted and get withdrawal symptoms, that can be terrifying, if they stop. These may include shaking, sleep disturbance and hallucinations.

Recovering addicts

A lie detector test for addiction is one of the ways to convince an addict that they have an addiction. However, when help has been sought and the abuse stopped it is important to remember that an addict will always be recovering.

The craving for alcohol and drugs may always be there and in the early days of recovery the slightest excuse can have them running to the nearest bar or drug dealer. And it will always be someone else’s fault.

We had one case where a recovering alcoholic, who had not touched alcohol for 6 weeks, blamed his wife for falling of the wagon. She had asked him if he could reach up, since he was taller than she was, to clean the top of a French window. Asking him to do a “woman´s work” was the excuse for going out and buying a bottle of scotch. He drank it all in the space of an hour.

And then there was a son who had been through drug rehab. He failed his law degree and blamed his professor for “forcing him to buy cocaine” to cope with the failure.

Infidelity lie detector tests

When our polygraph examiners in England find deception, in infidelity lie detector test results, invariably the cheater blames someone or something else including:

  • The office junior threw herself at me. If she hadn’t, I wouldn’t have done it. So, the office junior was to blame
  • My wife isn’t giving me enough sex therefore it is the wife’s fault
  • I was drunk and didn’t know what I was doing – the alcohol was to blame
  • Having woken up in a strange bedroom with a man I didn’t know, I was obviously suffering from temporary amnesia – of course they were!
  • If hotel rooms weren’t so readily available, I wouldn’t have cheated – the hotel’s fault
  • Had the sex worker not offered me oral sex for a tenner, I wouldn’t have done it – the sex worker and discount’s fault
  • If my car hadn’t broken down, I wouldn’t have met the woman who stopped to help me. She seduced me – it was the car and the woman’s fault

Blame Someone Else Day

The first Friday the 13th of each year is Blame Someone Else Day. It began in 1982 when an American, Anne Moeller, had a full day of bad luck after her alarm clock failed to go off. The free pass to blame someone else on this day has been celebrated ever since.

However, whilst this day can be a bit of fun, generally blaming someone else for all the bad things that happen in your life isn’t very productive. Taking responsibility for your own actions is preferable.

And if you have someone in your life who blames you for their problems, our UK Nationwide polygraph examiners are available to help. Call our free helpline on 07572 748364 to learn what we can do for you.