Mum takes Grantham Lie Detector Test to dispel Dad’s Lies

When our client´s son accused her of breaking up her marriage with his father, she ordered a Grantham lie detector test to set the record straight.

Abigail´s Case

Despite an acrimonious divorce, Abigail maintained the façade of politeness with Harry, her husband. She did this so that her son, Lance, wouldn´t know how nasty his father had been.

The marriage ended when Abigail learned that Harry had been sleeping with escorts. She didn’t fight over the divorce settlement, despite having to accept less than she was entitled to. Harry threatened to make her life a misery if she demanded her full entitlement. She didn’t want Lance to suffer so she took what was offered.

Son wants to move in with Dad

Lance had no idea what she’d sacrificed or the reason the marriage had failed. On holidays and social occasions, she was always pleasant to Harry in front of her son. However, on a recent visit to his father’s Lance came back and said he wanted to live with Harry.

When asked why, at 13, he wanted to do that when it would disrupt his schooling and take him away from his friends, Lance initially wouldn’t say.  Abigail was beside herself with worry. She wondered whether he was being bullied and kept asking him to open up to her. Eventually he lost his temper and said it was because of what she had done to his Dad.

Harry had told his new girlfriend that his marriage had split up because Abigail had been sleeping around with other men.  The girlfriend had passed this on to Lance and Harry had done nothing to correct it.

It took her ages to calm Lance down. She told him it wasn’t true and that she had no idea why he had been told that. It didn’t matter what she said, her son believed his father´s girlfriend. After all, if it hadn’t been true why didn’t his Dad say so?

Grantham lie detector test

Abigail booked herself in for a lie detector test with us.  She wanted to prove that she had never been unfaithful during the marriage.

She passed the test with flying colours, no deception found at all.

With the Grantham lie detector test results and report in her hand less than 24 hours later, she sat down with her son.  After he had read it, she said he should ask his father to book a polygraph examination. Lance asked her what had caused the divorce, but Abigail said he must ask his Dad. She was not going to stoop to Harry’s level but she was seething that her son had been involved in this sordidness.


Lance asked his Dad to take a lie detector test but Harry told him not to be so ridiculous, and refused. When Lance produced Abigail’s polygraph report, Harry became very angry and said he didn’t want to discuss the matter again.

The relationship between father and son deteriorated rapidly and Lance no longer wants to move in with Harry.

The truth always comes out sooner or later so telling children lies is never a good idea. The truth may be hard to handle but lies are much worse.

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