Mother takes Gloucester Lie Detector Test to Stop Infidelity Gossip

When our client’s daughter came home from school crying one day, her first thought wasn’t the Gloucester lie detector test she would eventually take to resolve the matter.

Anya’s Case

When Anya settled with her daughter, Nadia, and husband, Stanislaw, in Gloucester she felt somewhat isolated. It was a long way from their home in Lithuania but they were looking for a better life. The couple both worked for the NHS on different shifts, so seldom saw each other.

Usually, it was Anya who was more involved with taking Nadia to school and discussing her daughter’s progress with her teachers.

The Zoom meetings were better than having to physically go to the school during the pandemic and involved several parents at once.

Nadia’s geography teacher was also from Eastern Europe so Anya enjoyed conversations with him about their homeland.

Facebook posts

One day Anya found Nadia crying in her bedroom. When asked what was wrong, Nadia pointed to her Facebook page.  There were some disturbing posts accusing Anya of having an affair with the geography teacher. Worse, the posts weren’t only from Nadia’s schoolmates. Their parents had joined in the mocking too.

Some of the posts insinuated that Nadia’s geography grades were excellent because her Mum was sh*gging her teacher. All the posts were cruel, unfair and above all untrue.

Gloucester lie detector test

That weekend both Anya and Stanislaw had some time off and Anya showed him the Facebook posts. Trusting his wife implicitly Stanislaw suggested she take a lie detector test in Gloucester. In this way she could send the results to the offending parents.

In consultation with our Gloucester polygraph examiner, the couple provided the information needed to formulate the questions for the polygraph examination.

No deception was found in any of the answers to questions the examiner posed. There was no relationship between Anya and the teacher other than that which can be expected between a teacher and parent.  Within 24 hours they had a fully analysed, peer reviewed report of Anya’s Gloucester lie detector test results.


It wasn’t difficult for Anya to identify the ringleaders of the malicious posts and she sent them both a copy of her lie detector test results.  She pointed out that their false allegations could ruin the career of a very good teacher.

If they thought it would break up her marriage they were wrong. Their nasty behaviour had brought her and her husband even closer together.

She added that if there were any further posts she would seek legal advice.

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