Last Christmas our client discovered the reason her parents were continually arguing. She booked our Milton Keynes lie detector test to improve their relationship and succeeded.

Jamie’s Case

Jamie was worried about spending Christmas with her parents.  They hadn’t been getting on for some time and had even moved into separate bedrooms. She was 21 and thinking about leaving home but the atmosphere in the house could be cut with a knife and it never seemed the right time.

She’d been invited to her boyfriend’s parent’s house for Christmas Day and wanted to go. However, her sister Shelley was only 12 and Jamie didn’t want to leave her alone to deal with things. She was already getting bullied at school due to having dyslexia and any more stress wouldn’t be good for her.

Toxic relationship

The issue didn’t seem to be her mother, Faye but her father, Jack. Jamie would listen and hear the things they argued about. Her father would accuse her mother of sleeping around and not helping to provide for their family. They weren’t good for each other and Jamie thought it would be best all round if one of them left. This had been going on for years and it was harmful for them and their children. They would scream and shout, things would get broken and once Jamie thought she heard her father hit her mother. The relationship was toxic and no matter how much she and her little sister tried, they couldn’t find a way for everyone to get along.

Grandma knows best

One afternoon, Jamie went to visit her paternal grandmother, Carol. She was talking about wanting to leave the family home when Carol said something out of the blue. Carol explained that Shelley wasn’t her real sister. Her mother had an affair and this was how Shelley had been conceived. Her father had only found out about it a few years ago and this was what was causing all the tension. Carol had never been particularly tactful and seemed to hate her daughter-in-law. She was always looking for a reason to put a knife in her back. Jamie was distraught at the thought she’d been lied to but Shelley looked like her so how could this be true?


Jamie immediately went home and confronted her mother about what her grandmother had said. Faye denied it and confirmed the reason for all the arguments was due to Jack’s mother telling him lies. Faye had told Jack she was prepared to do a DNA test to prove Shelley was his but he hadn’t wanted to put their daughter through it. Instead, he just called her all the names under the sun and Faye fought back.

Jamie decided to contact us to organise a Milton Keynes lie detector test, not for her mother but for her grandmother.  She told Carol that her mother had denied Shelley was the result of an affair and she’d like her grandmother to take a polygraph test.  Jamie could then confront her mother with the report. Not wanting to lose face in front of her granddaughter Carol agreed.  Jamie never told her mother or father about the test appointment and drove her grandmother there herself.

Milton Keynes lie detector test

Carol failed the polygraph test and, after hearing this from the examiner, she explained that she was jealous of the relationship Faye had with Jack. She had tried to drive a wedge between them despite knowing that Shelley was Jack’s all along. Having kept the lie alive for so long she thought she would pass the test which was the reason she’d agreed to take it.

Carefully wrapping the results with her father’s present, Jamie hoped this would be enough to get their family back on track. On Christmas day, Jack opened his gift and was surprised to see Jamie had gone to the trouble of booking a polygraph test to reconcile their family. He apologised for believing Carol’s poisonous words. The family worked through their differences and Jamie has settled into her own flat, knowing her sister has all the support she needs.