May 2021 Lie Detector Test News Roundup

May 31, 2021

May 2021 Lie Detector Test News Roundup

May has been an exceptional month for exposing lies and infidelity as well as dispelling false allegations.  In our May 2021 Lie Detector Test news roundup we highlight some of our case studies, interesting queries we have received and relevant news we think our readers will be interested in.

May Day, Infidelity suspicions, Workplace lie detector tests

1 May – Is your Partner dancing round the Maypole with someone else?

2 May- Gillingham Polygraph Examiner advises on Infidelity Suspicions

3 May – Newark Lie Detector Tests explained to Employee

Jeremy Kyle scandal, Trust in the judiciary, Bigamist scammer

5 May A whistle-blower has alleged that staff on the Jeremy Kyle Show were given champagne for episodes with more action and shouting that showed people ‘kicking off’.

5 May – Is the public losing confidence in the will of judges to apply the law to anyone fitting into the ´controversial category´ without fear or favour? Transgender child rapist freed after admitting assault on prison officer

5 May – Lie Detector Test in Stoke exposes Bigamist Scammer

Commonly request lie detector tests, Vaccine hesitancy, Infidelity

6 May – Did you know that the most commonly requested private lie detector tests in the West Midlands relate to infidelity and false allegations?

7 May – Rochester Polygraph Examiner addresses Vaccine Hesitancy Query

8 May – Rugby Lie Detector Tests resolve Infidelity Issues

Infidelity, Horizon Computer scandal, Usman Khan

10 May – Infidelity Suspicions confirmed by Gillingham Lie Detector Test

12 May – East Midlands Polygraph Examiner Reviews Horizon Computer Scandal

13 May – Sonia Flynn, the executive director of the probation service, said “techniques like polygraph would certainly have helped” had it been applied to Usman Khan

Wedding planning lies, Cyber sex infidelity, National Children´s Day

14 May – Birmingham Polygraph Examiner advises on Wedding Planning Lies

15 May – Cyber Sex Infidelity exposed by Coventry Lie Detector Test

16 May – National Children’s Day UK 2021

Covid update, Integrity matters, Melinda and Bill Gates marital problems

17 May – Covid-19 Update 17 May 2021

18 May – Integrity is one of the most important human qualities and when unfairly challenged, rightly upsets people. Has someone questioned your honesty?

18 May – Melinda French Gates voiced concerns about her husband’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and a harassment claim against his money manager. He also had an affair with an employee

Elderly financial abuse, Plank of the Week, Child neglect allegations

19 May – Elderly Financial Abuse exposed by Luton Lie Detector Test

20 May – Mike Graham´s PlankOfTheWeek nominations included ►Prince Harry ► Alastair Campbell ► Andrew Lloyd Webber ► Sadiq Khan Who do you think won?

21 May – Child Neglect Allegations dispelled by Corby Lie Detector Test

Martin Bashir´s coercion of Princess Diana, Gay infidelity, Infidelity suspicions

21 May – The extent of Martin Bashir´s deception is truly awe inspiring. It will be surprising if criminal charges and civil cases don´t follow

22 May – Gay Infidelity Query raised with Worcester Polygraph Examiner

24 May – Infidelity Suspicions confirmed by Kettering Lie Detector Test

Family business theft, Sponsorship of The Maggie Oliver Foundation

26 May – Lie Detector Test in Mansfield resolves Family Business Theft

27 May – Each year Lie Detector Test UK reviews its donations to and sponsorship of charities. This year we are happy to announce our sponsorship of The Maggie Oliver Foundation. The charities we donate to and sponsor are carefully chosen to ensure they align with our values

Drug addiction, Cheating boyfriends

28 May – This query regarding the use of lie detector tests for drug addiction problems was handled by our Dudley Polygraph Examiner

29 May – Our client had suspicions that his partner was cheating on him for over a year. Ultimately it led him to order two Brighton lie detector tests

May 2021 Lie Detector Test News Roundup

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