Case Study | Margate Lie Detector Test helps reunite Family

Mar 22, 2021 | False allegations

Margate Lie Detector Test helps reunite Family

Our client had spent two years estranged from his family due to false allegations related to an inheritance.  He ordered a Margate lie detector test to set the record straight.

Daniel’s Case

When Daniel’s aunt, Sariya, died she left her entire estate to him. As she had never married and had no children, she had chosen her favourite nephew to be her sole beneficiary.

Sariya hadn’t been well for several years prior to her death.  12 years ago she’d suffered a mini stroke from which she wholly recovered.  Two years later there followed another stroke but again she got over it.  The second stroke had frightened her as it had weakened her left side.  She worried that she would fall.  Living alone at 74 wasn’t ideal and Daniel arranged for a home help to go in twice a day. He also installed panic alarms to give her some confidence that help was at hand at the touch of a button.

Daniel’s siblings, all four of them, hardly visited Sariya but he dropped in as often as he could to check on her.  She was his mother’s sister after all.  His parents were no longer alive and being their eldest son, he felt a sense of duty toward his aunt. Not only that, he loved her sense of humour and enjoyed her ‘Bohemian’ company immensely.

Fatal stroke

Sariya’s third stroke proved fatal. After 9 weeks in a coma and on life support it fell to Daniel to make a decision as her next of kin. When doctors said that she had sustained massive brain damage and would never return to any form of normality, he knew what he had to do.  Sariya always said that she would not want to live as a “vegetable”.  In consultation with her consultant, he agreed to the life support machine being switched off.

She lived for 4 hours breathing on her own and then peacefully passed on.

Last Will and Testament

When Daniel learned from the family solicitor that he was the sole beneficiary of Sariya’s estate he was surprised.  When he found out its value, he was stunned.  It was worth over £5 million. His aunt’s lifestyle had been frugal and it appeared that she had never used the inheritance she’d received from her father’s estate.  The interest alone had, for many years, paid for her living expenses. Her pension provided the odd luxury or holiday.

Daniel’s siblings were infuriated and suggested that he had coerced their aunt into signing a will in his favour.  Even his Rabbi hinted at it. Despite reassurances from the family solicitor that this was not the case his siblings still saw fit to contest the will.  They believed the money should be split equally between them. Spurious claims of being dependants of the deceased followed.

From the beginning Daniel had generously offered them each £250,000 and they even used that against him. “Why”, their solicitor asked “would he offer such vast sums of money to his siblings if he didn’t think they were entitled to it?”

Sariya’s Will had been made after she had recovered fully from her first stroke. Daniel didn’t even know she had made a Will.  She told no one of her wishes other than the family solicitor.

Claims of coercion whilst their aunt was not in her right mind and dependency were dismissed and the siblings lost the case. Irrespective of their failure to prove their case, Daniel’s siblings continued to make false allegations to anyone who would listen. Nevertheless, Daniel was still prepared to pay them £250,000 each if they apologised.

Margate lie detector test

Two years down the line and Daniel was missing his family.  Covid lockdowns didn’t help. He called us to enquire about a Margate lie detector test.  He wanted to prove that there had been no skulduggery over Sariya’s Will.

One of our Greater London polygraph examiners conducted Daniel’s test at his home. No deception was found in any of the answers to the questions posed related to his aunt’s Will.

When the results of the Margate lie detector test were sent, less than 24 hours later, Daniel gave his Rabbi a copy of the report.  He asked the Rabbi to smooth things over with his siblings.

The family is now reunited and because the siblings apologised, Daniel raised the amount he gave them to £500,000 each.

London/Home Counties Polygraph Services

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