Mansfield polygraph proves Husbands alcoholism

Dec 10, 2021 | Alcoholism, drug abuse, False allegations, Polygraph Examiner, Relationship

Mansfield polygraph proves Husbands alcoholism

Mandy visited our Mansfield office for a polygraph test only three years ago. Sadly, Mandy felt she needed another polygraph test conducting on her husband who she feared had developed an alcohol addiction.

The first polygraph

Mandy originally booked a polygraph test for Ben after suspecting him guilty of having an affair three years ago. Ben passed the lie detector and the pair were able to work on their marriage with clarity and truth.

Ringing our office two weeks ago, Mandy explained that she had concerns over Ben. She said that he had always enjoyed a drink but that recently she had noticed he had been drinking more by himself, and hiding the bottles in recycling. She was concerned that he was becoming alcohol dependant and found him passed out in the bath a week ago which caused her serious alarm.

The first step

She wants Ben to see he has a problem before she feels he will accept medical help or intervention. Although Mandy feels his addiction hasn’t become a massive issue yet, she can see that it isn’t normal either. Mandy hopes that by Ben taking a polygraph test he will be forced to admit he has a problem. She hopes the questions will be a wakeup call for Ben and make him more amenable to seeking help.

The test results

Ben came for his polygraph test at our Mansfield office. He failed his test on account of lying about drinking alone, hiding alcohol bottles and even missing work to go to drink at the pub. Ben broke down crying after his test results and admitted his drinking had become out of control. He said he was scared to face the facts and understood why Mandy had asked him to go for a polygraph test. He asked for Mandy’s help. Together they are finding Ben the help he needs by joining a local support group and substance addiction counselling. We wish them all the best with Ben’s recovery and thank Mandy for returning to us to find the truth she deserves.

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