Ask a Manchester Polygraph Examiner about Infidelity

Jun 12, 2019

Q: Can your Manchester polygraph examiner find out if my wife is cheating on me?

My wife has a best friend who she spends most of her time with. The two women seem inseparable. If her friend is not in our house, my wife is at her friend’s.  They go out clubbing once a week and often my wife ends up staying at her friend’s house.

I may be way off base here but I think there is more to their relationship than friendship. My wife is no longer interested in sex with me and hasn’t been since her friendship with this woman began.  We’ve been married almost 10 years and I’ve never known my wife show the slightest interest in same sex relationships. I will feel an absolute fool if I am wrong but something just isn’t right about this.

I know if I mention it to her she will deny it, probably tell her bestie and they’ll both have a good laugh at my expense.

Will a lie detector test prove one way or the other what is going on?

D. L., Manchester

Response from our Manchester Polygraph Examiner

The short answer is that a lie detector test will prove whether or not your wife is cheating and with whom.  However, you will need to convince your wife to take a test. This may be difficult if you don’t want to mention the reason for it.

You say that your wife will laugh at your concerns which suggests that all is not right with your marriage.  Loving partners don’t make fun of genuine concerns.

You haven’t said whether your wife’s friend is married.  Have you thought that the women might both be cheating but not with each other? Or of course, they may not be cheating at all and are just very close friends.

Either way, living with suspicion is intolerable over time and erodes trust.  I suggest that you call our Free Helpline on 0800 368 8277. You can mention to our customer service representative that you have had a reply from the Manchester Polygraph Examiner.  Your call will be absolutely confidential. You’ll get some tips on how to raise the subject with your wife and the best way forward.

Identifying problems

You may be interested to learn that most couples we deal with, irrespective of the results of their lie detector tests go on to repair their marriages. Infidelity occurs for a variety of reasons and sex is often incidental to the main problem.  Polygraph examinations also help to identify the real problems within a marriage.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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