Manchester Lie Detector Test reveals Husband’s Secret

Our client went to extraordinary lengths to catch her husband cheating, until finally she booked a Manchester lie detector test.

Stella’s Case

Having a macho Northern male for a husband suited Stella in many ways. When they married 25 years ago, she wanted a family and to stay at home looking after her children. Harry believed a woman’s place was in the home, so it suited them both.

She didn’t mind him going out with the lads once or twice a week while she had her friends round for the odd girl’s night in. Harry had also looked after her well and had been a good provider for the family.


Perhaps being wrapped up in her own little world, Stella had been complacent. It wasn’t until the children flew the nest that she began to notice Harry’s behaviour.

The lad’s nights out were becoming more frequent and often he wouldn’t come home until 4 or 5 in the morning.  When he came home he would immediately get in the shower, despite having had one before he went out. When he did come to bed he was never interested in making love.

She began to worry that he was having an affair and discussed it with her best friend, Lyn.  Knowing Harry well, Lyn didn’t believe that he would cheat on Stella. She said that men of his age sometimes had erection problems so perhaps she should ask him if that was the case.

When Stella asked him, he told her not to be daft. He was working hard and entertaining clients at night, so he was just tired. Something didn’t ring true as far as Stella was concerned. In all the time he had worked as a builder, he had never entertained clients before.  Maybe his boss did but not Harry.

Private Investigator

Stella did all the normal things to try to find out if her husband was having an affair.  She went through his pockets, bank and credit card statements, phone and even followed him once in her car. But she found nothing unusual. Nevertheless, she knew instinctively that something was wrong.

She decided to hire a private investigator for 4 days, which was all she could afford.  On the last night the PI followed Harry into a night club. He wasn’t out with the lads, as he had told Stella, since he was on his own. In the nightclub, he sat alone at the bar. He had a few drinks, looked as though he was eyeing up women, but never approached anyone. Then he left and went home.

When Stella confronted Harry with the PI’s report and asked why he had lied to her about going out with the lads, he was very angry.  He said he had arranged to meet a couple of the lads at the club and they hadn’t turned up. He was also aware of someone following him. How could she have spent so much money on paranoia? He was furious.

Manchester lie detector test

Several months passed and suspicion was eating away at Stella. It was making her miserable and Harry didn’t seem to care.  He had taken to sleeping in the spare room since the argument about the PI.

Finally, she’d had enough.  She called us to book a Manchester lie detector test. When Harry was told about it, another row ensued.  But Stella said if he didn’t take it, she wanted a divorce. She had been unhappy for so long now that she wasn’t prepared to live the remainder of her life in misery.

Harry turned up for the appointment with our Manchester polygraph examiner.  In the pre-test interview the questions he would be asked were discussed.  They were standard infidelity questions including – Since being married to Stella have you:

  • Passionately kissed anyone else?
  • Had sexual contact with anyone else? (This includes intimate contact such as touching, oral sex etc.)
  • Had sexual intercourse with anyone else?

Harry asked if the questions could be changed from “anyone else” to “any woman”. Since the questions had been requested by Stella in that format, our examiner said they couldn’t be changed but asked him why.

It transpired that Harry was cheating, not with women but with men.


On receipt of the Manchester lie detector test results and report, Stella filed for divorce. They might have been able to get over an affair with another woman she said, but not with a man. Harry didn’t want the marriage to end saying that he was just experimenting. But Stella cannot bring herself to forgive him.