Malicious Social Services Caller exposed by Lie Detector Test in Lincoln

After two visits from Social Services regarding allegations of child neglect and abuse, our client booked a lie detector test in Lincoln to prove a point.

Marianne’s Case

When Marianne married her husband, Josh, she knew she would have trouble with her mother in law, Eileen.  Throughout the time they had dated, Eileen criticised Marianne’s clothes, make-up and anything else she could dig at.

When their first and only son, Stefan, was born Marianne thought perhaps Eileen’s heart would soften but it was quite the contrary. She told Marianne she was a bad mother and that she wasn’t taking good care of her grandson.  Josh was caught in the middle and seldom said anything.

The rift

In one visit, Eileen had been particularly scathing and caught Marianne on a bad day. Stefan had kept her up most of the night and she was very, very tired.  She rounded on Eileen and told her to get out. She’d had enough.

When Josh got home, Marianne told him that she didn’t want to see his mother again if all she was going to do was criticise and insult her.  If Eileen wanted to see her grandson, Josh could take him to her.  For once, Josh took her side. He called his mother and told her that she really couldn’t keep mistreating Marianne in the way she did. The conversation ended up with Eileen cutting off the call.

Social worker

A couple of weeks after the rift, a social worker turned up. There had been a report, she said, of child neglect.  Marianne invited her in and allowed her to inspect the house and examine her son.  She was assured no action would be taken.

Marianne was pretty sure that Eileen had reported her to social services but let it go.

A month later the social worker turned up again.  Marianne asked if it was her child’s grandmother who was making the reports.  The social worker said that this information was confidential.  Again, no action was taken.

Lie detector test in Lincoln

When Josh got home, after the second visit, Marianne told him what had happened including about the previous visit.  She also told him that she suspected his mother of maliciously making the calls. Josh went to see his mother who denied she had ever called Social Services. Josh seemed to be convinced.

Marianne wasn’t prepared to have social workers turning up randomly every few weeks so she told Josh that she wanted Eileen to take a lie detector test in Lincoln. She’d chosen the location because it was nearer to Eileen’s home so wouldn’t inconvenience her that much.

When she called to book the polygraph examination, she was happy to learn that the test could take place in Eileen’s home. That meant there would be no disruption for Eileen at all.

Josh was tasked with telling his mother that if she didn’t take the test, Marianne would stop her seeing Stefan altogether.

East Midlands Polygraph Examiner

Our East Midlands Polygraph Examiner conducted Eileen’s lie detector test in Lincoln and prepared a fully analysed, peer reviewed report within 24 hours.

Marianne wasn’t surprised when the result showed deception. For the benefit of Josh and her son, Marianne has set up some online counselling for her and Eileen.  She doesn’t want Stefan to be without a grandmother or Josh without his mother.

We hope the counselling works for this family.

Do you have a problem that is similar to Marianne’s or any other issue that necessitates finding the truth?  A lie detector test can often be a first step toward resolving issues and moving forward with your life.

For more information contact us via our website or call 07572 748364 (Free Helpline). Suspicion destroys many forms of relationships. A lie detector test makes it stop.