Male Domestic Abuse Victim revealed by Stoke Lie Detector Test

Our clients, Julie and Warren, were stalked for over a year by Warren’s ex-wife. A Stoke lie detector test put an end to it.

Julie and Warren’s Case

After years of arguing and alcohol abuse Warren had walked out on his wife, Ann, and their two children aged 10 and 12.  Ann’s drinking with anti-depressant pills turned her into a monster and one day he simply couldn’t take any more. The last thing he heard when leaving the marital home was that he would never see his kids again.

6 months down the line, he was much happier but Ann was stalking him.  She would turn up at his flat shouting and screaming and follow him to work.  She phoned constantly, often more than 30 times a day. Her calls ranged from threatening to ruin his life to begging him to come back.

He learned that she’d told member s of his family that she had kicked him out because he was violent.  She’d phoned his employer and told him that too.  Luckily she wasn’t believed, not least because she’d never called the police or reported him for domestic abuse.

Moving on

Warren filed for divorce and began seeing a co-worker.  Julie was everything Ann wasn’t.  She was genuinely interested in him as a person and after dating for 3 months Julie moved in with him. When Ann found out about Warren’s new relationship, the stalking was stepped up a notch. She waited outside his flat and would accost Julie, telling her that Warren was violent and that she didn’t know what she was letting herself in for.

Ann phoned the flat begging Julie to leave Warren before he inflicted harm on her.  In the end Julie began to wonder whether it was a case of ‘no smoke without fire’ despite Warren’s denials.

Meeting up

Julie agreed to meet up with Ann for a coffee one day and spent two hours listening to her allegations that Warren regularly beat her.  She’d never reported it to the police she said because he said he would take her kids away from her. She admitted to having an alcohol problem but blamed it on the constant mental and physical domestic abuse.

When Julie asked why she’d asked Warren to go back to her, she denied ever having done so. Ann said she was only warning her because she didn’t want any other woman to suffer what she had.

Stoke lie detector test

Julie contacted us for a lie detector test which took place in Stoke, near to where they lived.  At the end of her meeting with Ann, Julie had asked if she was prepared to take a polygraph examination to back up what she was saying.  Surprisingly Ann agreed.

The results of the test proved that there had been domestic violence but not directed at Ann. It was she that had physically assaulted her husband on numerous occasions.

When Julie got the report she asked Warren why he had never told her about his wife’s violence toward him and the floodgates opened. It had been his secret for so long and now he felt an enormous sense of relief to let it out.

The violence had begun within a couple of years of their marriage.  The drinking had got out of hand after their first son was born. Ann suffered post-natal depression and despite counselling the drinking continued. There was a bit of lull before their second child was born but after the birth post-natal depression set in again.  Her anger was out of control. She would lose her temper over the slightest thing and throw the nearest thing to hand at him.  She punched and kicked him often but the last straw came when she hit him over the head with a bottle.  He’d needed stitches for that and told the nurse in A&E that he’d been mugged outside a pub.

He hadn’t told anyone about Ann’s violence and always managed to explain away his bruises and black eyes to his colleagues and friends. He gained a reputation of being the most accident prone person on the planet. The truth was that he was too embarrassed to admit that he was being regularly beaten up by a woman.


Julie arranged another meeting with Ann and told her in no uncertain terms that if she continued to cause problems for the couple, she would ensure that Warren got a restraining order. The Stoke lie detector test had exposed who she really was. In addition they wanted joint custody of the two children and Ann would have to agree to seek treatment for her alcohol addiction. If not, they would go for full custody.

Male victims of domestic abuse UK

Our West Midlands polygraph examiner dealt with Julie and Warren’s case. He was able to help Julie formulate the questions to obtain the answers she needed.

While statistics show that women are twice as likely to be victims of domestic abuse, almost 50% of male victims don’t report it. Hence the number of male victims could be significantly higher.  No matter who you are no one should tolerate domestic abuse.  Polygraph services can assist in many ways to help you move forward with your life as our case study shows. Call our free helpline on 07572 748364 to find out if we can help you.