Make National Reflection Day 2021 a Day to Change your Life

At 12 noon today many of us will participate in one minute’s silence for National Reflection Day 2021. It is one year since the first pandemic lockdown.

The Prime Minister supports Marie Curie Cancer Care’s suggestion to do this so that the nation can reflect on the many deaths that have occurred this year. It’s meant to be a small supportive act for those who have lost loved ones.

However, at Lie Detector Test UK we believe there is much more to reflect upon.  Together with the loss of life we should spare a thought for the people who have lost their businesses and jobs.  And perhaps we can also think about those less fortunate than ourselves who are struggling to make ends meet.

If there is something you can do for a neighbour, colleague or friend, this day is a good day to begin helping them.  Not only can you change your life for the better but also theirs.

Lockdown reflections

Our polygraph examiners have dealt with hundreds of cases this year, not least due to people having the time to reflect on their problems. Lockdown has seen more people working from home. The lack of interaction with their colleagues, friends and family has left them with time to think.

Many of our clients have resolved to clear up issues relating to dishonesty and deception in their relationships.  Sometimes the evolution of doubt and suspicion has spanned many years.  Infidelity issues have made up the bulk of our cases. Domestic violence and false allegations have also been prioritised.

Regular readers of our blog will know from the cases studies we publish that some relationships have survived infidelity or deception and others not.  However, in all cases our clients have been able to move forward with their lives following receipt of lie detector test results.

National Reflection Day 2021

This year many have found the truth in lockdown. Others are still searching for it.  Are you?

The suspicion of deception of any kind is difficult to live with and it will erode personal and working relationships.  It’s easy for paranoia to set in especially when you have little else to think about. Lie detector tests are one way to confirm or negate those doubts rapidly.

We are offering a discount of £100 on polygraph examinations booked in our controlled offices between 23 March and 30 March 2021. To take advantage of the discount the test must be taken within one month of the booking date.  When booking online quote National Reflection Day 2021.

For more information please contact our free helpline on 07572 748364 to discuss your specific issue.  As can be expected from any professional organisation, you can rely on us to keep your matter confidential.

Make National Reflection Day 2021, a day to change your life.