Our client discovered her husband was cheating on her 5 years ago, via a Maidstone polygraph examination. She never imagined she would need the polygraph again, but she did.

Chloe’s Case

Five years ago, Chloe booked a Maidstone polygraph examination for her husband of 20 years, Rob. Although she suspected infidelity it still came as a shock to have it confirmed. She learned that Rob had been having an affair for 3 years with a woman more than half his age.

It had taken a lot of therapy for her and relationship counselling for both of them to repair their marriage and restore some semblance of trust.

However, 3 months ago suspicion reared its ugly head again. With lockdown restrictions eased, Rob was able to go back and work at the office.  He was an architect and involved in a number of projects throughout the UK.

In person meetings with clients were restored and he started to spend nights away in hotels again. Quite often he wouldn’t answer his phone at night when Chloe called. The same old excused rolled off his tongue as he had used when he had the affair. The phone battery was dead, or he had inadvertently left it on silent.

Shock message leads to Maidstone polygraph examination

After one business trip away, Rob came home very tired. He dumped his phone and briefcase in the hall and said he was going upstairs for a shower before dinner. While he was in the shower, his phone pinged with a WhatsApp message. It was from the same woman he had been having an affair with previously. It said she was pregnant with a smiley emoji.

Chloe and Rob didn’t have any children. Initially they were both too busy with their careers. Then when they started trying, nothing happened. Neither were concerned enough to have tests. If it didn’t happen naturally then it wasn’t meant to be, they reasoned.

When Rob came down refreshed from his shower, Chloe asked if there was anything he had forgotten to tell her. When he said there wasn’t, she told him to check his WhatsApp messages. “Congratulations” Chloe said, “you are going to be a father at last.” Having read the message, Rob said if his ex-mistress was pregnant it had nothing to do with him.

The inevitable argument ensued with Chloe accusing him of cheating on her again and him emphatically denying that he was. Why would the woman send him such a message if he wasn’t seeing her again, she demanded to know.

Rob said the end of the affair had been acrimonious so perhaps she was trying to wreck his marriage in the hope that he would go back to her.

Maidstone polygraph examination

Whereas before Rob had been reluctant to take a lie detector test, when Chloe suggested it this time, he couldn’t wait to do it.

He greeted our Kent Polygraph Examiner like an old friend. In the pre-test interview he told our examiner that he hadn’t resumed his affair and just wanted to get on with the test.

There was no deception found in any of his answers to questions posed during the infidelity polygraph examination.

Chloe was relieved when she received the lie detector test results and sent a copy of them to her husband’s ex-mistress. She told her not to bother them again unless she wanted a paternity test done before the baby was born.  There has been no response since.

Kent Polygraph Services

Our Kent polygraph examiners work throughout the Home Counties and nationwide, working diligently to get the answers people need to their many questions. Often clients are pleasantly surprised that their suspicions are not confirmed. Sometimes unfortunately they are, but at least being in possession of all the facts allows them to move forward with their lives.

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