Maidstone Lie Detector Test Query – Immigration Status

This query about a Maidstone lie detector test came from someone worried about her boyfriend’s immigration status.

Q: Will a lie detector test help me find out if my boyfriend is lying about his immigration status?

My boyfriend is very secretive about his immigration status.  I met him at church and he was looking a bit down and out. He told me that he was a refugee from Syria and hated the accommodation that had been provided for him. It was crowded with shared facilities and he said he’d taken to living on the streets.

I invited him back to my place where he was able to have a bath and I cooked him a meal.  With a spare room that I seldom use I suggested he stay with me for a while.

As the weeks went by we got on really well and now we are a couple.  What’s worrying me is that over dinner one night he told me that he’d been in Britain for over a year. Yet when we first met, he said it was only a few weeks. In fact when he moved in he said he couldn’t work until his asylum application was granted.

When I pulled him up on the discrepancy, he said I had misunderstood. I know that I didn’t especially since his English is exceptionally good.  I’m now highly suspicious.

He’s also very lazy.  He doesn’t clear up after himself and seems to think that women should do all the household chores. Since the pandemic started I have worked from home, but he thinks that because I work on a computer it’s not “real work”.

There are times when I am utterly exhausted.  I’m even more stressed worrying about the legality of his immigration status.

Can a lie detector test help me get to the bottom of it?

A. L., Maidstone

Response from Maidstone Polygraph Examiner

To directly answer your question, yes a lie detector test can help you.

You need to know what is going on here because it could adversely affect you. If he is not legally in Britain you could be charged section 2 of the 1971 Immigration Act for the following reason:

“(2) Without prejudice to subsection (1) above a person knowingly harbouring anyone whom he knows or has reasonable cause for believing to be either an illegal entrant or a person who has committed an offence under section 24(1)(b) or (c) above, shall be guilty of an offence, punishable on summary conviction with a fine of not more than £400 or with imprisonment for not more than six months, or with both.”

You might want to suggest to him that you contact the Home Office to find out what progress has been made with his application for asylum.  If he is reticent about this then booking a lie detector test for him will probably have two possible outcomes. He’ll either agree in which case we can determine whether or not he is being deceptive or he’ll flee. Should the latter be the case, you’ll know what his true feelings for you are.  If he truly cares for you, he’ll sort this out.

You may also want to consider your cultural differences.  Will you be happy settling down with someone who believes a woman has her “place”?

Maidstone lie detector test

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If you would like more advice please call our free helpline ( 07572 748364) and tell our customer care representative that the Maidstone polygraph examiner has suggested you call.

Please also bear in mind that if deception is found by me, I am obliged to report illegal activity to the relevant authority.