Macclesfield Polygraph Examiner advises on Compulsive Liar

Sep 29, 2021

Macclesfield Polygraph Examiner advises on Compulsive Liar

This query comes from a man who is worried about the lies his fiancé tells on a regular basis. Our Macclesfield Polygraph Examiner responded to it.

Q: Can a lie detector test help me find out if my fiancé is lying to me about something important?

My fiancé lies to me all the time, even when there is no reason to lie.  I wonder whether she is a compulsive liar.

Mostly they are white lies that don’t really do any damage. For example, she says she was once engaged to a celebrity which her sister told me isn’t true. If she goes for a drink with her mates, which I have no objection to, she tells me that she has only had a glass of wine. It’s clear she has had far more than one. The other week she told me she had once worked as Simon Cowell’s personal assistant which is also a lie.

Other than the lies, she is a very kind, compassionate and loving person. My problem is that we are due to get married early next year and I worry that she might lie to me about something more important. What if she has or is cheating on me?

Do you have any advice as to what I can do about this and would a lie detector test help?

T P., Macclesfield

Response from Macclesfield Polygraph Examiner

Quite often when someone is dishonest in the way that your fiancé is, it is because they lack self-confidence.

Perhaps she thinks you will love her more if she has associated with or worked for celebrities. Maybe if she tells you that she had more than one drink, she believes you will disapprove.

You really need to sit down and talk to her, to try to understand why she is lying to you. Explain that it is making you nervous about going ahead with the wedding. Marriages are built on trust and not dishonesty.

In terms of a lie detector test, it can help you to establish whether she is being unfaithful to you or not.

However, if she is a pathological (compulsive) liar psychotherapy is the best way forward. Pathological liars are not in control of their lying. Even psychotherapy can be challenging as pathological liars will be dishonest in therapy sessions too.  But at least you will be able to find if she has the condition.

Booking a Macclesfield lie detector test

We have a secure online booking system on our website where you can choose a location for the polygraph examination.  Depending on the environmental conditions within your home, we can arrange a home test.  It would mean providing a quiet room with no noise or other distractions for around 2 hours.

Alternatively, if you feel you would like more advice, or to confidentially discuss the issue further, please call our free helpline on 0800 368 8277. Please tell our customer care team that the Macclesfield Polygraph Examiner has advised you to call.

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