There have been a myriad of studies around lying on your CV, conducted by online job sites and recruitment agencies. The practice of embellishing and indeed downright lying on CVs is rife in the UK.

With 200 applicants for each job in the Capital alone, many firms have to go above and beyond general pre-employment screening.  Lie detector tests in London particularly are becoming the norm for companies that want to employ the best people.

Fraud by False Representation

A lesser known fact is that lying on your CV can result in you going to prison for up to 10 years.  You can be prosecuted under the Fraud Act 2006 for merely submitting an application for a job that contains lies. Worse, you’ll get a criminal record and it may never be removed.  Whereas usually criminal convictions can be deemed ‘spent’ in time, if the application was submitted for a position taking care of the elderly or children, they will remain on record.  We don’t have to elaborate on how badly that will reflect on your future prospects do we?

CIFAS, the UK’s fraud prevention organisation, produced a leaflet headed “’Don’t Finish Your Career Before It Starts” outlining the dangers of lying on your CV.  It is available in universities throughout the UK

Lying on your CV in a competitive job market

The competition faced by candidates is possibly the main reason fraudulent CVs are on the rise.  Nevertheless it is very much a case of “if you can’t do the time, don’t commit the crime”.

Being dishonest about your educational qualifications, work experience and personal history all fall within the remit of criminal fraud. Even the tiniest of white lies will get you into trouble.

A lie detector tests will identify if you are being dishonest and thereafter you can expect every check known to man, to be carried out.

If you are successful in your application and it is later found that you lied you can expect a heavier sentence if prosecuted.

Whichever way you look at it, nothing can be worth the consequence of lying to a prospective employer.  Honesty always has to be the best policy.

Maybe you don’t have all the skills or qualifications needed to get the top job but there is nothing to stop you starting at a lower level. Lord Alan Sugar, the late Sir Richard Greenburg, (former CEO of M&S) and Richard Branson all started at the bottom and worked their way up!

Lie detector tests in London and nationwide

At Lie Detector Test UK we work with many recruitment agencies and directly with employers. The tests are used as part of the pre-employment screening process across a broad spectrum of industries.  These include government security service jobs, banking, healthcare and childcare among others.

If you would like to discuss the implementation of lie detector tests in London or elsewhere to enhance your pre-employment screening process contact us today.  Our Recruitment experts will be happy to take your call.