Luton polygraph test proves theft

Jun 20, 2022

Luton polygraph test proves theft

A Luton polygraph test proves theft when our client George came to us suspecting his friend Sam guilty of stealing cash from his house. Here is George’s story and how Lie Detector Test UK helped him to find out the truth he deserved.

The beginning

George grew up next door to Sam and the pair have been best friends ever since. George went off to university in Luton and decided to study graphic design. Whilst at university he met his girlfriend Jade, and the pair became engaged upon graduating. George immediately asked Sam if he would be his best man for the wedding, and organise his stag do.

Suspicions start

Sam had recently lost his job as a delivery driver, and confessed to George that he didn’t have much money to do anything expensive for the stag. George told Sam not to worry he just wanted a pub crawl in Luton followed by a BBQ which he would host at his house. The stag do soon came around and the lads had a great time celebrating. However, the next morning George went to find his wallet when he went to pay for a friend’s taxi. He remembered he had £40 cash in his wallet, but when he went to open it he only found £10.


Confused as to why money had gone missing, he assumed one of the lads must have needed cash for the pizzas they had late last night or taxi’s this morning. He confronted Sam who denied taking any of the cash out. A few weeks went by and George decided to call round Sam’s one evening for a surprise pint after work, as he hadn’t heard much from him since the stag.

Gambling addiction

When George was sat in Sam’s kitchen catching up, he went to put his beer in the recycling. However, George found a huge pile of scratch cards shoved in the bottom of the bin. He quickly rummaged through them and added up a rough total of over £25 spent on multiple different scratch cards. When Sam came back into the kitchen, George confronted him about the scratch cards. Sam said his brother had been over and he had been the one who bought and scratched all of the gambling cards.

Time for a lie detector test

Not convinced that Sam wasn’t lying, when George got home, he spoke to his fiancé about what he had found. Jade told George that he knew Sam better than anyone so chances were he knew when he was lying. She said her brother had used a lie detector test service in Luton when he had suspected his wife guilty of lying about having an affair. Jade passed on Lie Detector Test UK’s contact information to George and told him to book a lie detector test on behalf of Sam.

The lie detector test

George rang our free helpline that day and booked a test for the end of the week on behalf of Sam. He then rang Sam and told him. Sam seemed annoyed but agreed he would take the test to prove he had nothing to hide. The end of the week came and both George and Sam turned up to our Luton office for Sam to take his polygraph test. The results showed that Sam was lying. He confessed to George that he had stolen the cash and spent it on scratch cards. He admitted he had been addicted to scratch cards since losing his job, hoping to make some quick money. George didn’t get mad and instead he found Sam a support group to overcome his gambling addiction. The pair are still best friends and Sam now has a new job and has paid back George his money. They both thank Lie Detector Test UK for their professionalism and help.

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