Loughborough Lie Detector Test Query for suspected Cheating Dad

Q: Is it possible for me to order your Loughborough lie detector test service, or would my Mum have to do it?

I’m writing to you for some advice about my parents. I’m worried my Dad is cheating on my mum with his receptionist.

My parents have had problems over the last year or so and they don’t seem as close as they used to be. Recently, my Dad has been taking me to lunch and talking about their problems. The reason for my email is that the last few times, it appears he’s trying to get me friendly with Kiera, his receptionist.  Keira has worked for dad for a few years and I’ve heard Mum and Dad arguing about their relationship in the office a few times. It’s odd how he’s trying to get me to get on with Keira. She’s his employee so why should I, unless she’s going to become more prominent in his life?

He spends more time at the office than at home and I know it’s making Mum uncomfortable and miserable. One night he told Mum he was working late but I drove by his office on my way to my boyfriend’s that night and it was in total darkness.

My brother and I are now grown up and have decent jobs, so there’s no reason for my parents to feel they must stay together for our benefit. My Mum is 61 and if Dad is cheating she needs to leave or kick him out and move on. I’ve spoken to them separately but they both say they are committed to each other. I know Mum is but Dad, I’m not so sure.

Can I organise a lie detector test in Loughborough for my dad or does my mum need to book it?

A. S., Loughborough

Response from Loughborough Polygraph Examiner

How sad it must be for you to be in this position.  The short answer to your query is that if you are over 18 you can book our Loughborough lie detector test service.

However, bear in mind that your father must voluntarily agree to take it.  If he is having an affair with his receptionist you may meet with resistance.

You might also want to consider how your mother will feel about you arranging the test.  She may have her own suspicions that she doesn’t want to share with you.  At 61, she may be hoping the affair blows over.

East Midlands lie detector tests

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, we have temporarily suspended our polygraph service pending further updates from the government.  However, if you would like further advice please contact us via our website.

Naturally you can book a lie detector test with us online if you are not in a hurry for the test to be administered.