London polygraph invitation for Cressida Dick

A London polygraph test invitation is extended on Lie Detector Test UK’s behalf to Cressida Dick.

Cressida Dick’s turbulent history

Since becoming commissioner of the Met Police in 2017, Dame Cressida Dick has hit news headlines with constant allegations of misconduct. Perhaps the highest profile of the potentially career-ending scandals was the murder of Sarah Everard. The murderer was a serving Met Police officer. The officer had a record of indecent exposure and a nickname of “the rapist”. Dame Cressida said she was “so sorry” but remained.

Dame Cressida said confidence in policing has seen damage because of remarks made on social media. She doesn’t think the actions of any Met officers are behind the reputation decrease. Misogyny, discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment throughout the ranks of the Met have been a focus in a report from the IOPC (Independent Office for Police Conduct).

Misconduct in the Met Police

The shambolic Operation Midland which gave credibility to allegations of child sexual abuse by the paedophile Carl Beech, did not stop her rising through the ranks. Even amid the persistent rumble of accusations against the Met of institutional racism and corruption.

She had been responsible for supervising the senior investigating officer who said allegations made by Beech were credible and true. Despite hearing the officer say this, and knowing it was a mistake, Dame Cressida admitted she had done nothing to correct it. The force had to pay compensation to a number of people whose reputations had been unfairly tarnished by Beech’s lies. She apologised, but still remained.

Invitation to take a London Polygraph

Despite hundreds of allegations from the public and officers of racism, misconduct and a blatant disregard for her job, Cressida has remained throughout. Lie Detector Test UK extends an invitation to Cressida to take a lie detector test. We want her to answer questions that the public keep asking, was she aware of the rule breaking at 10 Downing St during the pandemic? Does she feel confident there is a proper screening process in place when employing her officers? Why have cases of child abuse and youth crimes rocketed? We want the answers, and you deserve the truth.

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