Q. Can your London Polygraph Examiner test my wife for infidelity?

This probably sounds completely insane but I think I have just seen my wife on TV.  She is watching the tennis at Wimbledon today.  It was too hot out for me to go so I’ve been watching it on TV.

As the camera swung round the spectators, I saw what appears to be my wife feeding strawberries and cream at Wimbledon to a guy who looks half her age.

I absolutely know if I confront her with it she’ll tell me I’m mad.  Unfortunately I haven’t recorded it so I have no proof. However, she is supposed to be at the tennis with some of her female workmates.  Their boss paid for their tickets allegedly.

I’m inclined to book a lie detector test and find a way to get her to take one.  Maybe I could just drive her to your office and tell her why she’s there when I get there? I can’t describe how hurt I feel about this.  It’s a complete betrayal!  Can you help?

M.S., Catford

Response from London Polygraph Examiner

Firstly I think you should take some deep breaths and calm down.  You say you “think” you’ve seen your wife on TV.  This means you are not sure and that perhaps it could be someone who looks like her.

Has she ever fed you strawberries and cream at Wimbledon or anywhere else for that matter?  Is it her style to do something like that?

Have you met her boss?  Is he young and could it be that he accompanied his female staff to the tennis? Also feeding someone strawberries and cream at Wimbledon doesn’t necessarily constitute an affair or infidelity. Are you normally jealous of your wife or has she given you reason in the past to mistrust her?

I apologise for asking so many questions but they are there for you to think about.

Lie Detector Test in London

There is no reason why you can’t book a lie detector test in London for your wife. But it won’t work for you to bring her to our offices without telling her why you are doing so.  She must be aware of the test and voluntarily agree to take it.

Our customer service staff will be happy to advise you on how best to persuade her to submit to the test. However, I suggest you do at least some of the following before booking one.

  • Ask her how many colleagues went with her to Wimbledon today
  • Find out if her boss went and if you haven’t met him casually ask how old he is
  • Find out if any male colleagues went
  • Contact the broadcasting company whose coverage you were watching and ask for a copy of today’s tennis. It may be they will upload it to their website or YouTube later today. If you manage to get the footage it will be much easier to play it back slowly to see if you can positively identify your wife.

If she is evasive with her answers you should tell her that you think she is being dishonest and why. Then you can bring up the topic of the lie detector test.

As a London Polygraph Examiner I’ve conducted innumerable lie detector tests for allegations that are based on very flimsy evidence.  So I don’t think you are insane. However, there could be a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why she was feeding somebody strawberries and cream at Wimbledon, if indeed it was her.

Naturally I am happy to conduct a lie detector test but you must make sure that your wife knows where she is going and what is required of her.

Call our free helpline on 07572 748364 for further advice and mention that a London polygraph examiner has advised you to call in.

Good luck.