London lie detector test used in youth crime case

A London lie detector has recently helped police in youth crime cases. After a shocking video was released of a boy in a knife fight during a rush-hour bus ride.

The Video

Shocking footage filmed by a terrified bus passenger shows two boys in a running knife battle on a bus in south London in rush hour.

Horrified commuters and school children looked on as one boy with an 8 inch blade slashes at another who appears to defending himself with a metal pole.

The details

The incident happened at 4.40pm on Thursday 3rd February on the top deck of the 109 bus at Streatham Hill on a service heading to Brixton.

One of the passengers filmed part of the fight before backing off in fear as the pair fought along the bus corridor.

The man who filmed the fight which he posted on twitter wrote: “I filmed for three seconds before they came further back. They didn’t say anything to anyone else but everyone ran behind me.”

Fighting with knives

The fight went on for five minutes with the boys, who look to be young teenagers, openly brandishing their weapons in front of passengers.

Someone appears to shout “ hey scumbag” as they are attacking each other.

Both boys are wearing face coverings and puffa jackets as the goad each other running up and down the deck of the bus.

Police investigations

Police are investigating and will request CCTV footage from the bus company as part of their inquiries.

A police spokesman said: “Police had a call at 16:41hrs on Thursday, 3 February to reports of a fight on board a bus in the area of Telford Avenue, SW2.

“Officers attended but all of those involved had fled prior to their arrival. There were no reported injuries.“There have been no arrests and enquiries continue.”

Polygraph testing

Polygraph testing is being used for police officers to use in youth crime cases. London has seen a massive increase in the last year in youth crime and now wishes to offer support to the local communities. Polygraph testing is just a part of the Metropolitan police force’s plan to try and deter youths from committing these dangerous crimes. They are also giving regular talks to schools and colleges.

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