When someone you care deeply about gets through drug addiction rehab it’s difficult to rebuild trust. Our Liverpool Polygraph Examiner is often the first step to helping people move forward with their lives.

Andrew and John’s Case

John had been struggling with heroin addiction for at least 15 years. His mother had left the family home when he was young and this had triggered the drug-taking. He’d stayed with his father, Andrew, who had given him warning after warning that he must stop.

Andrew could no longer cope and although he didn’t want to, he realised it was time for some tough love. He told John if he took heroin again he’d be out on his ear. Worse still, he would disown him and so would the rest of the family. For the first time in his life, he would be alone. Andrew knew the kind of life John would end up with. But he couldn’t handle the stealing and trouble that came with his chosen lifestyle.


John had entered into a treatment program and for a year appeared to be doing well. He was on a Methadone prescription but not enough to stop him from being able to drive. The hoops Andrew had needed to jump through to allow him still to drive were unbelievable. But he wanted his son’s recovery to be as normal as possible. Taking away his rights could have sent him straight back into drug abuse. Andrew had to accompany him to the drug rehabilitation centre, write to the DVLA with medical reports and eventually they received notification John could still drive his car. He knew John wouldn’t be able to cope with the legalities of it and wanted to support him as much as possible.

Stopped by the police

One evening John didn’t return home. In the morning he came back without his car. He explained he’d been stopped by the police and placed under arrest for drug driving. They said he looked like he was on drugs and taken him to the police station for a blood test. The report he showed to his father was that he had opioids in his system and was over the limit allowed to drive. John protested his innocence and claimed it was his methadone and not actual heroin. Andrew knew the amount of methadone his son was taking wouldn’t have caused the police to arrest him and take him for a blood test.

Liverpool polygraph examiner

Andrew contacted us and, after taking advice from our Liverpool polygraph examiner, booked a lie detector test.

Andrew wanted to know if John had taken too much methadone or was back on heroin.  The court case wasn’t for a few weeks and as John was over 21, the police wouldn’t release the particulars of the case to him. Andrew had a zero-tolerance approach to John these days and a lie detector test would reveal the deception quicker than waiting for the court.

John took the polygraph test in Liverpool whilst his father waited for him in a nearby coffee shop. Having completed the test they went home to wait for the results.

Lie detector test results

The test revealed John had been taking heroin with a friend, the evening he was caught in the car. Andrew insisted that John went into residential rehab immediately.  Andrew is paying for his son’s care but says that when he comes out of rehab, he’ll have to live elsewhere.   He’s aware of the life he could end up with but he feels a father’s support can only go so far.

Drug addiction, like any other addiction, only ends when the addict truly wants to stop.  John told our Liverpool polygraph examiner that he does want to stop.  We wish him luck and hope the residential rehab will work for him this time.

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