Liverpool Lie Detector Test Builds Bridges 46 years after Event

Oct 30, 2022 | Case Study, Liverpool, Private Lie Detector Test

Our client, Esther, was 60 years old when she decided to take our Liverpool lie detector test.  She did it to prove something to her mother that had happened 46 years ago.

Earliest memories

Esther’s childhood had not been a happy one.  She was the only daughter and a pretty girl. Her earliest memory was from when she was 4 years old.  Her father was in the Royal Navy and was due home on leave.  That day her Aunt Jane, who was looking after her whilst her mother went to the shops, had put some red lipstick on Esther’s lips. They were both admiring the result in the mirror when her father arrived.  He took one look and shouted at Aunt Jane to wipe that ‘muck’ off her face.  He was angry and when Aunt Jane asked why he told her that red was a “whore’s” colour. Naturally Esther would be a lot older before she knew what that meant.

Esther grew up in a very strict environment.  She had two brothers one older and the other younger. Of the children, she was the smartest and did well at school. However, when she came home with glowing school reports her parents told her to stop showing off.

Obsession with time

When her father left the Navy he became a clock electrician. He travelled around the country installing clocks in buildings, like the Post Office Tower and outside commercial and retail outlets. He loved antique clocks and there were several around the house.

There was a grandfather clock in the hall that all the children would come to hate. If they were one minute late in they were not allowed out for a week. Two minutes late, 2 weeks and so on.  When Esther was 13 she had to take part in an interschool Public Speaking debate.  The problem was that she would be out until at least 9pm.  Since she had to be in for 6pm it was impossible. Her father took the view that the school would not dictate what his children would do outside of normal school hours.  When she asked permission to go he refused.  She was too embarrassed to tell her teachers she couldn’t go. She knew if she didn’t the school would be let down.  If she did, she would be in terrible trouble at home. She decided to go.

She won the Public Speaking debate and was presented with a certificate and Parker pen as a prize. She thought, when she got home at just after 9pm, her father might soften because she had won. He didn’t and since she was 3 hours and 3 minutes late she was not allowed out with her friends for 183 days.

A book could be written about the emotional abuse all 3 children suffered at home.  Indeed in the 21st century it is fairly likely social services would have been involved.

A father’s paedophile advance

At 14 Esther was not like other children.  She loved school because it was the only place she was happy.  In consequence she excelled in her studied but was considered the odd one out.  Other children bullied her and called her names. She was small in stature and went through that awful phase of spots that teenagers so often do.

One night when her mother was out, Esther’s father came into her bedroom and asked her whether she been out with any boys.  Most of Esther’s class mates had boyfriends and she thought it would appear odd if she said she hadn’t.  So she lied and told her father she had.  He then asked her to show him how she kissed a boy. Esther knew nothing about romance or sex but something told her it would be wrong.  She said “no”. Her father asked her why and she said that it wouldn’t be right. He walked out of the room and she sighed with relief.

The following day Esther told her mother what had happened. And that was when all hell let loose.  Her mother didn’t believe her. She accused her of making up stories to cause trouble. Her father naturally denied what he had done.  Esther’s life became a misery. She was treated like an enemy.

Leaving home

At 15 she left home and didn’t speak to her parents for 3 years.  She struggled out in the real world having led such a sheltered existence.  She left school with no qualifications because she had to work. As she grew up she resented her mother for not believing her and changing the course of her life forever.  She wanted her to know she was telling the truth but in those days there was no internet and she had no knowledge of polygraph services.  If she had, she would have taken the Liverpool lie detector test much sooner.

Esther’s father died prematurely when she was 18 and she got on with her life, marrying and having a family.  Her relationship with her mother was distant.  However, at 84 Esther’s mother had a stroke and needed support.  Esther dutifully did what children do and provided support.

Liverpool lie detector test

When her mother recovered from the stroke she seemed to change personality. She was a much kinder woman.  And for this reason Esther made the decision to take the Liverpool lie detector test. She wanted to prove for once and for all that she had not lied when she was a child.

When the results arrived, Esther showed them to her mother.  She was sorry that it made her mother cry but it had to be done.  Her mother never apologised but the relationship grew closer. Unfortunately that closeness was short lived because Esther’s mother died 6 months later.

Nowadays it is so much easier to find information.  Don’t leave it so long to book your Liverpool lie detector test or one in any other part of the country.  The polygraph builds many more bridges than it destroys.

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