Lincoln Lie Detector Test query about alleged Gambling

This query about a Lincoln lie detector test for gambling was handled by our East Midlands polygraph examiner.

Q: Can a lie detector test help find out if my husband if gambling away our savings?

I’m writing to you to see if you can give me a bit of advice. I had my husband take a Lincoln lie detector test with you a few years ago to prove he wasn’t cheating on me. The test results showed he had been sexually active with someone, but hadn’t had actual intercourse. The examiner we used was really helpful and I really thought, going through that process, that my husband would stop doing things to make me paranoid. I never in a million years thought I’d need your services for a second time but I’m finding I may be.

Funnily enough the issue this time isn’t cheating. Our marriage has been pretty strong and we managed to get over the hurdle of his infidelity. The issue this time, I think is gambling. I pay all of the bills in the home, do the shopping and generally all of the housekeeping. I have a part time job, which is just for a little spending money for myself. But recently our savings have taken a nose dive. James says this is due to him not receiving bonuses, due to job cuts and COVID-19 but I just don’t believe him. My husband is a solicitor and to be honest the firm has been a lot busier than usual, due to people claiming for inappropriate dismissal etc. He is paid a hefty hourly rate, therefore we should be quite well off.

He has always played poker on a Friday night with the boys and he calls it his wind down time. When I asked if he was betting money he said pennies and the like. Can a lie detector test find out if he’s gambling away our savings away?

E. L., Lincoln

Response from East Midlands Polygraph Examiner

Firstly I am pleased to hear that your marriage survived the infidelity. Once out in the open couples can often overcome the initial shock and move forward with their lives.

In terms of the possible gambling, yes a polygraph examination will determine whether he is playing for serious money. Or identify what he is spending money on.  We can formulate the questions to get the answers you need.

If you’d like to discuss the matter further please call 07572 748364 (free helpline) and let our customer care representative know I have asked you to call.

Alternatively you can go ahead and book a Lincoln lie detector test online using our secure booking system.