Police forces in many parts of the world are using lie detector tests for police officer recruits in the pre-employment screening process. Perhaps the UK should follow suit?

Corruption among high ranking police officers

An inquiry has been launched into ‘serious corruption and malpractice” among 14 high ranking police officers by the IOPC (Independent Office for Police Conduct). There has not been an inquiry on this scale in the past 40 years according to the Sunday Times.

As a result of information received from 3 Metropolitan police whistle blowers, the investigation will look into allegations that the DPS (Directorate of Professional Standards) covered up a variety of crimes.  These included accusations of grooming, assault, child abuse and racism among others.

It is understood that the top echelons of police in the UK are also being investigated for malfeasance. This relates to an allegation of inappropriate interference in a bullying investigation.

Lie detector tests for police officer recruits

Polygraph examinations (lie detector tests) are conducted on police officer recruits in Jamaica, Kenya, Nigeria and India among other countries due to corruption in their ranks.

One of the most important qualities required for a career in any police force is integrity. A CV may well provide information about a recruit’s qualifications and experience. A criminal record check will uncover past criminal activity but does this really prove that there has been none?  Perhaps the candidate has never been caught.

The most effective way to gain an insight into a recruit’s honesty and an insight into their character is a lie detector test.

A qualified, accredited and experienced polygraph examiner is able to determine whether or not a recruit has the required qualifications and characteristics unequivocally.

It’s relatively well known that there have been budget cuts on policing so it makes sense to spend a little on polygraph tests.  The alternative is thousands of pounds expended on prosecutions and worse, loss of confidence in police which is unquantifiable.

Lie Detector Test UK

With secure offices, discreetly positioned throughout Britain, Lie Detector Test UK is well placed to quickly and effectively administer tests.  Our examiners are fully accredited by the American Polygraph Association (APA) and our reputation impeccable.

If you operate recruitment agency presenting candidates for a career in the police force we can help you ensure that there is no information being withheld from you. Tests conducted as part of the pre-employment screening process reveal the complete picture rather than just a part of it.

Polygraph examinations are affordable and effective, ensuring that only the best candidates are presented.

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