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Nov 20, 2022 | Commercial Lie Detector Test, Wolverhampton

Smart companies in the West Midlands use polygraph services in their employee screening process.  One supermarket clearly didn’t use our periodic lie detector tests in Wolverhampton when a checkout operator stole over £70,000 during a 2 year period. And that is only the amount that they know about, since they suspect there could be more.

Refund scam

Supermarkets have long been victims of refund scams but the scale of Asda’s at Brierley Hill was phenomenal.   It was made worse by the fact that the checkout operator responsible had been an employee for more than30 years.

Susan Barker, 64, was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment and 200 hours of community service (unpaid) with her jail sentence suspended for 1 year.  The sentence reflected her previous good character.

Barker’s elaborate refund scam involved fraudulent transactions whereby she scanned items on sale without selling them. She then placed refunds on a gift card. The full story about the case that was heard at Wolverhampton Crown Court this week can be read by clicking here.  But her crime highlights a flaw that many companies overlook.

How periodic lie detector tests in Wolverhampton prevent employee theft

Many businesses use polygraph services in the pre-employment screening process.  Lie detector tests provide insight into the honesty of prospective employees that CVs and qualifications can never do.

However, changes in employees’ personal lives can cause them to behave in ways that normally they wouldn’t.  This was the case with Barker.  In 1995 her marriage split up and having never managed her own money she was lost.  He husband had always handled the finances. When she struggled to make ends meet the scam began.  Her pride would not allow her to seek help.

Admitting to stealing money from Asda over several years, the company believes that she may have stolen more than £500,000.

This would never have gone on for as long as it did had the supermarket implemented periodic lie detector tests.  Sometimes the Human Resources department is able to identify when employees are having difficulties, especially if employees discuss them. But if they don’t and their outward behaviour hasn’t changed much it can be difficult to spot.

Including periodic lie detector tests in the employment contract allows the use of polygraph services for screen existing employees. When they sign the contract they are agreeing to the terms.  Knowing they will be subject to such tests greatly reduces the risk of theft.  

How to arrange periodic lie detector tests

Periodic lie detector tests in Wolverhampton or elsewhere in the UK can be arranged online. Alternatively call our Free Helpline on 0800 861 1058 to learn how polygraph services can prevent theft from your business.

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