Our polygraph examiners are kept busy all year round with infidelity lie detector tests in Swansea and wider Wales. Sadly, in many relationships, infidelity is common. Of course, every situation is different and surrounded by unique circumstances. However, it can be a powerful enough force to cause the breakdown of a relationship-but not always.

In fact, many couples have been able to survive infidelity, sometimes through multiple occurrences.  This has often been achieved with the help of a polygraph examination being conducted for one or more of those involved in a relationship.

We will take a look at some of the ways in which infidelity lie detector tests in Swansea can help no matter how old or new the relationship in question is.

Suspicion is destructive

Imagine a situation where one person has been cheating. They hold the answers of why they chose to do it, over what duration and how many times. But their partner does not have those answers. The polygraph reveals the truth and provides a basis on which the couple can begin to work. It also serves as an opportunity for the cheater to learn what has been going through their partner’s mind, in a safe and controlled environment.

It should be remembered that the polygraph is used predominantly to prove innocence rather than guilt. In many of our cases one partner has been highly suspicious of the other for quite some time. The ensuing arguments have all but decimated their relationships. On several occasions infidelity lie detector tests in Swansea have proven a partner’s suspicions to be wholly unfounded. The test results have often strengthened relationships by removing doubt and restoring trust. Sustained suspicion over time is not healthy either physically or mentally for either partner.

Infidelity lie detector tests in Swansea

Essentially, a polygraph test is used to establish what exactly has been going on, in terms of who cheated, when and under what circumstances. The tests in Wales are conducted in environments that are controlled and allow for no interruptions or distractions.

The person booking the test informs the polygraph examiner conducting it, what they hope to learn. The examiner accordingly formulates questions designed to get the answers required. It’s often the case that an ‘injured’ party can’t bring themselves to ask what they may perceive to be awkward questions.  Giving that responsibility to an impartial polygraph examiner makes everyone involved more relaxed. In other cases, one party has asked questions of the other, but doesn’t believe the answers they’ve been given are truthful. The examiner will ascertain whether a subject is telling the truth or not.

Polygraph test report

With the results from your polygraph examination, you will have a report with detailed points you can look through in your own time.  It’s then up to you and those involved to decide how to move forward. The report is sent to the person who ordered the polygraph test and remains confidential. We will never share it with anyone else without your express permission in writing.

If you’d like more information about infidelity lie detector tests in Swansea, or elsewhere, call our free helpline on 07572 748364. If you prefer you can also book a test online by clicking here