When an antique art appraiser and art dealer disputed the authenticity of a painting, the buyer arranged for them to take lie detector tests in Sunderland.

Nadine and Martin’s case

Nadine was so happy when she was given what she believed was an original Monet from her boyfriend Martin. He was an art and antiques dealer in Sunderland. He was always surprising her with little trinkets and tokens of his love but this was a huge deal. She immediately got onto her insurance company. She wanted to hang it in the house where she could gaze at it every day, but without insurance it wasn’t coming out of the very carefully wrapped box it was in.

Antique art appraisal

Nadine’s insurers wanted a valuation so she contacted a local Antique Art Appraiser who came to inspect and value the painting on the same day. Although dazzled by it, he was disappointed to find it was a fake. Nadine couldn’t believe it and thought her boyfriend had been duped. She called him immediately and he accused the appraiser of not knowing what he was talking about. The dealer he’d bought it from had assured him it was an original and he’d paid a fortune for it.

Martin decided to contact us to arrange two polygraph tests in Sunderland – one for the appraiser and the other for the dealer who had sold it to him. The appraiser, with his reputation on the line, agreed to take a test and the results confirmed he was telling the truth.  To the best of his knowledge the work of art was fake.

Rogue Dealer

The art dealer was reluctant to take part in what he referred to as a fiasco. “Why would Martin even think about lie detector tests in Sunderland?” he complained.  Martin had a solid, professional and longstanding relationship with him. How could he accuse him of such a thing? However, he agreed to the test after an insistence from Martin and a guarantee that if he didn’t he’d never buy from him again.

The dealer’s results arrived within 24 hours. Not only was the painting fake but worse, the art dealer knew it was.  He’d fraudulently taken money from Martin, knowing it wasn’t real.

Fraudulent transactions

Martin started to question all of the other pieces that he’d bought from him and one by one, most were exposed as fakes. They were very good ones but fakes all the same. Martin sued the art dealer and won. His barrister mentioned in court that the results from lie detector tests in Sunderland had prompted Martin to investigate prior transactions. In doing so he’d accrued considerable expense in appraisal and valuation costs. The appraisals he’d received from the dealer with each purchase had also been fake. There was no question this man was a rogue.

Martin was awarded compensation which included damages to his own reputation.  He ultimately managed to buy the love of his life an actual Monet she so desperately loved. It is now insured and has pride of place in her home. Every time Martin looks at the painting, it’s a lesson not to trust everyone you meet.

Lie detector tests in Sunderland

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