Care Home Abuse Query regarding Lie Detector Tests in South London

Oct 19, 2019

We have had a number of queries from people concerned about the treatment of their relatives in residential and nursing homes.  One of our polygraph examiners answered a query recently regarding lie detector tests in South London.  It may be of interest to anyone considering making a complaint about care home abuse.

Q: Is there a way I can get nursing home staff to take lie detector tests in South London?

I’ve been reading some quite disturbing stories recently regarding care homes and them upping their game with pre-employment screening due to abuse and mistreating their residents.

My grandfather is in one of these homes and has dementia. He has been falling over a lot recently. When I have asked the staff they say he forgets where his glasses are and walks around without them which is the reason for the falls, but I don’t believe them. He seems deeply unhappy.  I appreciate this may be his condition but when I ask him about it he says that he’s left for long periods at a time and when he tries to get up, he gets dizzy and falls.

It isn’t just that, he always has a little money with him to give to his great-grandchildren when they visit. It isn’t much, just £2 or £3 each so they can get some sweets after the visit, but his money also seems to be going missing, When I’ve asked where this money is, the staff say he forgets who his own great-grandchildren are and gives money to other kids coming into the home. I appreciate dementia can be like this but he isn’t that far gone yet and what other person in this situation would accept a stranger giving their children money?

I really think something is terribly wrong.  Do you think I could get these staff to take lie detector tests to find out? I just want to know that where the family chose to put him is the right place. I don’t want his last years with us to be filled with mistrust and neglect

M B., South London

South London Polygraph Examiner’s response

I’m sorry to hear about the problems your grandfather is experiencing. Whilst most care home workers are excellent, there are a few that give the industry a very bad reputation.

The only way you could get the staff to take lie detector tests in South London is by getting them to volunteer to take them.  The likelihood of this is remote.  You can however approach the manager or owner of the care home to suggest they include periodic polygraph tests in their staff monitoring process.  You might also want to ask if they form part of their pre-employment screening.

In terms of making a complaint regarding your specific issue click on  Age Concern for options that are open to you.

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